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Replace Extensis Universal Type Server (UTS)

Looking for an alternative to Universal Type Server (UTS) font manager from Extensis? FontAgent Server delivers enterprise-class font management and control on-premises or in the cloud.
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Replace Monotype FontExplorer X Server

FontExplorer from Monotype is slated to sunset in June 2023. If you’re an enterprise customer of Monotype, you should replace FontExplorer with FontAgent enterprise font management and control.

Okta Authentication and SSO in FontAgent

Add the power of Okta user identity and authentication to your FontAgent CloudServer enterprise font management solution.
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Authentication and Single Sign-on in FontAgent

Strengthen the security of your font distribution, control and compliance initiatives by integrating FontAgent® with Azure, Okta and other your authentication and directory technologies.
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Replace Your Dying Font Server

Are you worried that your current font manager is being discontinued? Wondering what your font server vendor’s development strategy is moving forward? If you aren’t worried, you should be. Your freedom is at stake.
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FontAgent Moves to the Amazon Cloud

To meet growing demand and continue our track record of uninterrupted cloud service, Insider has consolidated its FontAgent CloudServer operations into the AWS cloud.
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Font License Compliance Solutions

If you’re not tracking font usage and license compliance in your organization, there is no better time to start than now. The financial and legal exposure is simply too great.
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How FontAgent Server Works for You

FontAgent® Server integrates a variety of services into a comprehensive font management solution that meets the requirements of IT, legal, business, marketing and creative departments.
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Font Usage Reports in FontAgent CloudServer

FontAgent® CloudServer provides detailed font usage reports you need to track and control font usage and license compliance across your organization.
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Save with FontAgent CloudServer

FontAgent® CloudServer, Insider’s cloud-based font management service, makes a strong economic case as the premier solution for organizations of all sizes.

What is FontAgent CloudServer?

FontAgent® CloudServer centralizes control of font integrity, organization and distribution and compliance for organizations of any size.
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Command and Control of User Desktop Fonts

FontAgent® Server includes a variety of customizable controls for syncing, displaying and managing fonts on client desktops.
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Bondi Release of FontAgent Server

The Bondi Release of FontAgent® Server adds more organization, configurability, control and consistency to the world’s most advanced solution for organizing, optimizing, distributing and tracking your fonts.
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FontFlex Server Architecture

FontAgent® Server's FontFlex architecture organizes font management into its basic elements—fonts, sets, tags, users, groups, font licenses and enterprise directories. Those elements automatically interact with each other as you import fonts, add users and assign fonts to them.
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Why Track Font Licenses?

Similar to other software licenses, a font license states the terms of use granted to you when you purchase or download a font. FontAgent® Server lets you store, track and enforce your font licenses to help you comply with their terms.