FontFlex: The X-Factor in Font Server Technology

FontAgent Server’s unique FontFlex technology brings unrivaled power, flexibility and simplicity to your organization’s everyday creative and business workflows.

The Essential Elements of Font Management

FontAgent Server is built around the essential elements of font management — fonts, sets, tags, users, groups, font licenses and directories. Those elements automatically interact with each other as you import fonts, add users and assign fonts to them. FontAgent Server’s FontFlex architecture then automatically:

  • Manages user and group properties
  • Manages font metadata and set definitions
  • Distributes fonts to users as admins assign them
  • Takes back fonts whose assignments have expired or have been revoked
  • Tracks which users have downloaded and activated which fonts

The power an intelligence of FontFlex technology makes managing your fonts easier than ever.

Graphic depicting the elements of FontFlex server architecture

FontFlex technology enables interactions
between the essential elements of font management

Simple Setup: All Fonts to All Users

The simplest font-server configuration for small teams is to distribute all fonts to all users. To make that happen, upload fonts to FontAgent Server, and use the browser-based Server Manager to invite users. Then assign the fonts to the users, and the server does the rest. Later, as you add fonts to the server it automatically distributes the fonts to your users.

Add Sets to Organize Your Fonts

Use sets to organize your font collection by type, style, classification, project, team, foundry—whatever you need. Upload sets to the server or create them manually using the Server Manager, and then share the sets with users. As you add and delete fonts in a set, FontAgent Server automatically propagates the changes to your users.

Graphic depicting font distribution in FontFlex server architecture

Use sets to organize your fonts by type, project, foundry, tag — however you want

Assign Tags to Fonts and Sets

You can assign tags to fonts and sets. As you share those fonts and sets with users, their tags are automatically shared at the same time. Use tags to describe fonts by style, mood, topic, use or anything else you can think of.

Support User-Supplied Tags

Allow users to enter their own tags to describe the fonts they use and optionally let them upload them to the server. Users can also search tags to find fonts and create sets for organizing and adding usability to their fonts and everyday workflow.

Graphic depicting interaction of the elements in FontFlex server architecture

Assign searchable tags to fonts and sets — and share them with users as you distribute fonts

Centralized, Top-Down Font Control

As organizations’ font collections and user communities grow, they centralize control to specify which users have access to which fonts. Admins simply assign fonts and sets to users and FontAgent Server distributes them. Admins can also expire or de-authorize fonts and the server takes them back from users automatically.

Add Groups to Organize Your Users

As your community grows, use groups to organize your users by role, project team, department, cost center, location, etc. Then assign fonts and sets to the groups to distribute fonts to multiple users in one easy step.

Graphic depicting the management and distribution of fonts in FontFlex server architecture

Use groups to organize your users and simplify font distribution and reporting

Monitor License Compliance

To monitor font-license compliance and manage legal risk, define font licenses and assign them to fonts and sets. FontAgent Server automatically tracks font usage and alerts you when your team’s usage exceeds legal license limits.

Authentication and Directory Integration

Already use enterprise directory services? Integrate with Active, Open and LDAP directories in minutes. Authenticate with 128-bit encryption and Kerberos single-sign-on. With FontAgent Server, setting it all up has never been easier.

Graphic depicting interaction of the elements in FontFlex server architecture

Add license management and directory services integration as required

Simple, Straightforward Setup

To get started with FontAgent Server, follow these simple steps:

  • Upload fonts or sets to the server
  • Invite users to your server community
  • Share sets with users and groups
  • Create groups of users — by department, team, location, role or projectoptional
  • Define font licenses and termsoptional

That’s all there is to it. Later, just modify fonts, sets, tags, licenses, users and groups as you wish. FontAgent Server does the rest, keeping all your users in sync with your server fonts.

Fast, Easy and Reliable Font Services

The best part of FontAgent Server’s uniquely powerful approach to font management is that you don’t need to understand it to take advantage of its benefits:

  • Unrivaled scalability, performance and reliability
  • Simple browser-based server administration
  • High-speed client synchronization
  • License compliance monitoring and alerts
  • Real-time font usage and activation reports

Too much information? Just remember that FontAgent Server is fast, flexible, foolproof and simple. And it’s available in the cloud and on-premises configurations that have the power you need to meet your specific requirements.

Try the power and simplicity of FontFlex server technology

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