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FontAgent 10 Windows Highlights

Version 10 of FontAgent for Windows adds a bevy of new features that enhance the font management, control and compliance power of the World's Smartest Font Manager.
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Explore Your Fonts with FontAgent

FontAgent® reveals a treasure trove of font metadata, metrics and descriptive details that you can search, sort and explore as you select fonts and make Smart Sets — on both Mac and Windows platforms.
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FontAgent 9 for Windows Highlights

FontAgent® 9 for Windows features a variety of new features and performance improvements to the world's most powerful font manager. Organize, discover, create and share your font collection through a powerful, familiar and customizable Windows interface.

Windows Compatibility

Learn which versions of Insider font management and distribution products are compatible with which versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Gallery: FontAgent for Windows

Here's a gallery of FontAgent® for Windows screenshots that show how it can be configured to meet your exact needs at any moment.