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Your Treasure Trove of Font Data

FontAgent® reveals a treasure trove of metadata, metrics and descriptive details about your fonts. And it makes all that data available for you to explore as you select fonts and create set criteria.
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Explore Your Fonts with FontAgent

FontAgent® reveals a treasure trove of font metadata, metrics and descriptive details that you can search, sort and explore as you select fonts and make Smart Sets — on both Mac and Windows platforms.
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What’s in a Font Name?

Font names can be cool, cute and even comical. But what does a font’s name actually say about it? In almost all cases, font names start with their family names and include style and metric terms to differentiate them from their siblings.

Why You Need a Font Manager

While you can reap many important benefits from using a font manager, the single most important reason is that a good font manager elevates the performance of you and your computer. This article explains how FontAgent® makes both of you better at what you do.
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Using Tags in FontAgent

FontAgent® includes a powerful tag manager that helps you describe and organize your fonts. Associate tags with topics, projects and clients so you can always find the fonts you need quickly.
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Smarter Font Searches

Use FontAgent® to perform smart searches that help you organize your font collection. Quick Searches provide a Google-like search experience while Smart Searches let you perform complex queries that you can use everyday to speed and simplify your creative workflow.

All in the Family Metadata

Why does the Group-by-Family in FontAgent® display some variants of a font in a separate font family from the base font? Because FontAgent groups fonts according to font family metadata values specified by their font designers.

Using Metadata to Find Fonts Fast

Explore all the metadata available in FontAgent® find the right fonts for your creative projects. You’ll see how having all that metadata at your fingertips revolutionizes your creative workflow.

The Yin and Yang of Font Metadata

Every font has two sides that appeal to our visual and analytic senses: a collection of shapes or glyphs, and an extensive set of metadata that you can use to find fonts fast and use them wisely.