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Download the latest versions of FontAgent client and server software that run in trial mode for 30 days or until you convert your trial by purchasing a subscription or a license for the current version of the products.

FontAgent Sync     Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, Windows 10

Welcome to the Font Management Revolution. FontAgent Sync’s all-new integrity, history and sharing engines elevate FontAgent into a class by itself. And now, with a Sync subscription, you get the very latest in font management power and can share and sync fonts among all your users, machines and projects. Learn More

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FontAgent 9.6 for Mac     Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave

Built atop the planet’s most robust viewing, searching, activation and metadata engines, FontAgent now has sharable tags and comments, Big Sur support, nested sets, faster font rendering, smarter searching and set management, Monotype and Adobe Fonts support, auto-activation in the latest Adobe and Affinity releases, and more.  Learn More

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FontAgent 9 for Windows      Windows 10

FontAgent brings the World’s Smartest Font Manager™ to the most widely-used desktop OS on the planet. Its modern, customizable Windows interface gives you the power to discover, search, activate, colorize and compare your fonts—to streamline your workflow and improve the quality of everything you produce. Learn More

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FontAgent CloudServer

FontAgent CloudServer™ is a modern, cloud-based service that delivers the full power of  FontAgent Server that bring savings, simplicity and security to technology departments and the users they serve. You simply get cloud subscriptions for your users to deliver unrivaled font integrity, consistency and reliability to your business and creative professionals and their projects. Learn More

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FontAgent Enterprise Server

The world’s most advanced software for organizing, optimizing, distributing and tracking all your fonts. Smooths creative workflow, brings consistent control, eliminates rogue fonts, and helps you comply with your license agreements. Supports replicated servers and Active Directory.  Learn More

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FontAgent TeamServer

Bring easy, affordable font management to your creative team with FontAgent TeamServer.™ Deliver consistency and control to every desktop by distributing fonts from a central library. Manage your font licenses and know their restrictions. Expand your server as your team and needs grow.  Learn More

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