Maintaining consistency across user desktops is one of the most elusive goals faced by IT departments, creative directors and business technologists. So it’s not surprising that over the years, FontAgent® customers have asked us for ways to control fonts on user systems.

As a result of these requests, we have developed a variety of customizable controls in FontAgent Server for syncing, displaying and managing fonts on client desktops. Here’s a sampling of the settings and functionality that give you the power to consistently control fonts on user desktops.

Image of a creative office loft with users working on computers

Syncing Fonts

The Bondi Release of FontAgent Server includes an all-new tag manager that enables server and font admins to:

  • Control which fonts are downloaded to client machines
  • Control how fonts are organized into sets on client machines
  • Automatically synchronize fonts on clients at customizable intervals
  • Automatically expire assignment of sets and fonts to users and groups

… to bring consistency to user desktops and manage your font licenses efficiently

Graphic of a font database upload fonts from, and downloading fonts to, a user's computer

Importing and Exporting Fonts

  • Permit selected users to upload fonts and sets to the server
  • Restrict users from importing fonts locally into their clients
  • Stop users from exporting fonts to local storage

… to prevent the introduction of rogue fonts into your workflow and maintain compliance with your font licenses

Graphic of a font catalog depicting the import and export of fonts

Font Metadata

  • Provide descriptive, searchable metadata for downloaded fonts
  • Display or hide paths to font files

… to help users select the right fonts faster and prevent the misuse of font files.

Color icon of a cube with an uppercase F on it, overlayed by dots representing the font's metadata values

System Fonts

  • Show or hide system fonts in FontAgent clients
  • Prevent changes to system font folders

… to simplify font menus, prevent the use of unauthorized fonts and enforce enterprise design standards.

Graphic of colored letters on a computer screen with blue squares saying Mac and Win depicting how FontAgent controls fonts on all your Macs and Windows users

Administration and Authentication

  • Enable Kerberos for user authentication
  • Automatically expire assignment of users and contractors to groups

… to maintain user security, role identity, and reap the greatest return from font-license investments.

Graphic of a gear with user avatars and slide controls depicting user preferences and settings

The Many Benefits of Server-Side Control of Desktop Fonts

By using the server-side controls in FontAgent Server, you can maintain steady font control across user desktops in your organization. In doing so, you can maintain font consistency and license compliance, reduce project errors, smooth workflows, simplify desktop configuration, and minimize support and font licensing costs. Ask us about how FontAgent Server can help you gain control of font licensing and management in your organization.