Graphical image of users checking the terms of their font licenses

Reality Check: Are Your Fonts Properly Licensed?

Font foundries are enforcing the terms of their licenses in court and the time is clearly over for having casual attitudes about font licensing. A self-audit is a good idea for users and organizations who have font collections with unknown license terms.
Image of a creative computer user in a modern office activating fonts for her current project

Best Practices for Installing and Activating Fonts

Font activation plays a vital role in the performance of your Mac or Windows computer and its applications. Tuning your habits to avoid performance problems is easy if you understand the basics of proper font installation, activation and management.
Graphical image of a collage of fonts overlaid with an activation slider control

Why Not Activate All My Fonts?

If you’ve built a sizable font collection over the years, there are crucial technical and practical reasons why you shouldn’t activate them all at the same time. Learn how to preserve the productivity of you and your computer by activating just the fonts you need.
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Installing the Right Font Formats

Tempted to install all your fonts on your Mac or PC? Not so fast. By selecting the right font formats ahead of time, you can avoid a lot of pain later. Learn which formats are best for you.
Image of frustrated woman against a background of too many fonts

When Do You Have Too Many Fonts?

Many FontAgent® users have tens of thousands of fonts, and some have more than 100,000 fonts. So how many fonts is too many? And what should you do when you have so many fonts?
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Organizing Your Fonts by Family

Organizing fonts into families is one of the many functions of a professional font manager. Learn how to use FontAgent® to organize your font families the way you want.
Image of two purple-and-white panels depicting duplicate fonts

Dealing with Duplicate Fonts

There are many ways that apparently similar fonts can differ from each other. It’s crucial to understand the differences so you select thee right fonts to use in your creative projects.
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Command and Control of User Desktop Fonts

FontAgent® Server includes a variety of customizable controls for syncing, displaying and managing fonts on client desktops.
Graphical image of computer user tracking font licenses

Why Track Font Licenses?

Similar to other software licenses, a font license states the terms of use granted to you when you purchase or download a font. FontAgent® Server lets you store, track and enforce your font licenses to help you comply with their terms.
Graphic of how the Sets Sidebar in FontAgent displays nested sets

Organize and Streamline Your Font Catalog

Trying to decide how to best organize your FontAgent® catalog? Need to simplify your Sets Sidebar? Try nested sets, tags, quick searches and Smart Sets.
Wooden type background image overlaid font format icons

Font File Format Bingo

Chances are that your font collection includes fonts in PostScript, TrueType, OpenType and dfont file formats. But you probably don’t need to manage every file format for each of your fonts. Whatever you choose to do, FontAgent® will manage the formats you choose to import.

How Open Should You Be to Open Source Fonts?

For projects that don’t require full-featured commercial fonts, open source fonts offer a free alternative. Here's what you need to know before you start using them in your designs and documents.