FontAgent 10 image of white and blue text on light blue background image of colored spheres

FontAgent 10 for Mac Highlights

FontAgent 10 for Mac adds native M-series chip support for up to 10x faster rendering and auto-activation, macOS 14 Sonoma and Adobe CC 2024 support, set filtering, dupe checking, and UI improvements.
Window pane with the words "The Power of 10" displayed in neon lights

FontAgent 10 Windows Highlights

Version 10 of FontAgent for Windows adds a bevy of new features that enhance the font management, control and compliance power of the World's Smartest Font Manager.
Graphic of upper-case O's styled to look like disguised faces

Using FontAgent to Detect Duplicates

Duplicate fonts are among the most common problems in font collections. Here's how to use the duplicates detector in FontAgent to find fonts that are similar to each other.
Graphic of colorful, stylized alphabet and numbers representing how FontAgent enables users to view individual glyphs in a font file

Picture This: The Glyphs View in FontAgent

There is no more fundamental way to inspect a font than by examining the outlines of the individual glyphs that comprise the entire font.
Image of hand tools against a wooden blue wall

New Toolbar in FontAgent 10 Mac

The new toolbar in FontAgent® 10 for Mac provides one-click access to font viewing, management and sharing commands.
Image of font names shown on colorful planks

FontAgent’s Image View: Versatile. Visual. Vital.

The Image View in FontAgent® enables you to preview, browse, search and manage your catalog of fonts.
Stylized image of a person pressing the Play button on a dashboard

The Player View: It’s Show Time

The Player View in FontAgent® plays a slide show of fonts to help you select and activate the right fonts for your creative projects.
Image of font samples appearing on colorful wooden sign planks against a blue water background

FontAgent’s Compare View: See the Difference

The Compare View in FontAgent® displays fonts in custom text strings, sizes and colors to help you select the right fonts for your projects.
FontAgent lets you export fonts into an organized file folder hierarchy

Exporting Fonts Out of FontAgent

We’re familiar with importing fonts into our font managers. But there are good reasons for exporting fonts as well. Here's how in FontAgent.®
Graphical image of treasure chest in a cavern filled with gold and jewels

Your Treasure Trove of Font Data

FontAgent® reveals a treasure trove of metadata, metrics and descriptive details about your fonts. And it makes all that data available for you to explore as you select fonts and create set criteria.
Font sample sheets against a jumble of colored font shapes

Font Sample Sheets in Seconds

It's easy to create hardcopy and PDF font sample and specimen sheets in FontAgent® so you can share your font selections with others, compare text in various fonts, and create catalogs of your font collection.
Multi-color ceramic tile background overlaid with the letters "Ti Vw" for Tile View

Tile View Magic in FontAgent

The Tile View in the FontAgent® font manager provides compact previews of a font family or project set, and syncs with FontAgent's Compare, Player and Glyphs Views.
Image of a happy family stone sculpture overlaid on stylized background of fonts

Organizing Your Fonts by Family

Organizing fonts into families is one of the many functions of a professional font manager. Learn how to use FontAgent® to organize your font families the way you want.
A stylized letter A floating over the image of a person on a stand-up paddleboard on a mountain lake

Explore Your Fonts with FontAgent

FontAgent® reveals a treasure trove of font metadata, metrics and descriptive details that you can search, sort and explore as you select fonts and make Smart Sets — on both Mac and Windows platforms.
Images of hanging blue tags with the word Keyword highlighted

Using Tags in FontAgent

FontAgent® includes a powerful tag manager that helps you describe and organize your fonts. Associate tags with topics, projects and clients so you can always find the fonts you need quickly.