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How FontAgent Server Works for You

FontAgent® Server integrates a variety of services into a comprehensive font management solution that meets the requirements of IT, legal, business, marketing and creative departments.
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Bondi Release of FontAgent Server

The Bondi Release of FontAgent® Server adds more organization, configurability, control and consistency to the world’s most advanced solution for organizing, optimizing, distributing and tracking your fonts.
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FontFlex Server Architecture

FontAgent® Server's FontFlex architecture organizes font management into its basic elements—fonts, sets, tags, users, groups, font licenses and enterprise directories. Those elements automatically interact with each other as you import fonts, add users and assign fonts to them.

Important FontAgent Server Concepts

These basic concepts provide a foundation for understanding the operation, administration and use of FontAgent® Server.

Expiring Font Assignments in FontAgent Server

FontAgent® Server lets you auto-expire the assignment of FontFlex™ objects to each other so you can recall fonts and sets from users and groups at the end of projects and contractor engagements.
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FontAgent Server Delivers FontFlex Font Management

FontAgent® Server is the world's the most advanced solution for organizing, optimizing, distributing and tracking your fonts. Based on FontFlex™ technology, it brings new levels of performance, scalability, flexibility and simplicity to organizations of any size.