FontAgent DC3 Distribution and Control Client

A vital part of the Insider Font Control Suite, FontAgent DC3 enables organizations to extend font control and license compliance initiatives to users across the enterprise. It works transparently on business user desktops and syncs automatically with FontAgent Server running on-premises or in the cloud.


FontAgent Font Manager

FontAgent application icon floating over a textured, stylized blue background

Provide FontAgent, the finest font manager available, to your creative users

FontAgent DC3

Iconic spiral image of controlled font distribution overlaid on a textured blue background

Deploy FontAgent DC3 to business users to control font distribution and consistency


Enterprise Font Control and Compliance

DC3 provides you the control you require while providing creative and business users the fonts they need.

Iconic image of FontAgent Server distributing fonts to users in a workgroup

Distribute fonts easily
across the enterprise

Iconic image of a human eye with a line through it on a computer screen showing FontAgent DC3 working transparently on user machines

Transparently control
fonts on business desktops

Spiral graphic depicting controlled font distribution to users of FontAgent DC3

Deploy software seamlessly
in FontAgent environments

Iconic image of font glyphs arranged in a grid

Manage all your fonts
from all your vendors

Orange and blue iconic image of a font license and legal gavel

Ensure compliance
with font licenses

Iconic image of user computers syncing their fonts through the FontAgent Cloud

Drive font consistency
across users and servers

How DC3 Works

FontAgent DC3 runs as a transparent service on your business users’ Macs and PCs, as well as on rendering, application and remote-session servers. DC3 syncs automatically with FontAgent Server running either on-prem or in the cloud, keeping fonts current, consistent and compliant across the organization. The fonts are activated automatically and made available for use.

Iconic image of how organizations use the Insider Control Suite to distribute fonts to business users

Easy Admin and User Management

FontAgent Server admins add and remove fonts from DC3 machines using the Server Manager, and they can run usage reports to ensure your maintain compliance with your organization’s font licenses.

DC3 is a part of the Insider Font Control Suite,
which enables your software control and compliance initiatives.

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