The Most Powerful Font Manager on the Planet

FontAgent® 8 for Windows brings a world of new power to Windows font management. New ways to organize, discover, search, activate and compare your fonts. New ways to share and sync fonts through the cloud or your font server. FontAgent for Windows is all-new, and it’s ready for you.

Create a Clean Font Catalog

Drag fonts into FontAgent to verify their integrity and add them to your library along with 2100+ free Google fonts. As you add fonts, Insider’s FontDNA™ technology fingerprints your fonts, detects duplicates, and keeps a full history of your imports.

Freeform Comments and Tags

Enter freeform comments and tags that describe the projects, clients, colors, and treatments for any of your fonts or sets. Later, search for those keywords to find exactly the fonts you need in a flash.

Modern, Customizable Interface

FontAgent brings the World’s Smartest Font Manager™ to the most widely-used desktop OS on the planet. Its modern, customizable Windows interface gives you the power to discover, search, activate, colorize and compare your fonts—to streamline your workflow and improve everything you produce.

New and Better Ways to Preview Your Fonts

FontAgent 8 for Windows includes a full spectrum of font viewers built atop new font verification, metadata, search, activation, and import history engines. And its flexible UI lets you arrange its viewers into hundreds of combinations to meet your precise needs at any moment.

Table View shows font traits that you can sort, search and print
List View displays fonts in planks with selected metadata
Player View plays font slide shows and creates specimen sheets
Compare View lists all selected fonts in custom text planks

Tile View is a grid for easy comparisons of fonts and families
Glyphs View displays individual characters
Sets Sidebar organizes your fonts by sources and projects
Properties Sidebar displays detailed font metadata

Smart Searches Start with Metadata

You’ll be amazed at how much more you know about your fonts by using FontAgent. Select a font or set and instantly view its properties—font names, formats, styles, metrics, tags, filenames, locations, activation, ratings, comments and more—and you can search all that metadata and save search results as Smart Sets.

Tables Teeming with Metadata

The Table View is a spreadsheet that lets you explore and compare font metadata. Sort fonts by their traits, foundries, sizes, file formats and version numbers. Group rows by family or foundry, enter ratings, and activate fonts as you need them. It’s a whole new way to manage your fonts.

Flexible FontAgent Editions

FontAgent for Windows is available in multiple editions:

Find out which FontAgent edition is right for you.

Windows font management has never been this powerful

Ready to try the World’s Smartest Font Manager for Windows? Try the new FontAgent for 30 days. Ready to purchase? Choose between a cost-effective subscription or a traditional stand-alone license. Need some help? Just ask us.

FontAgent runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10.
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