The Power of 10: Font Agent for Windows

FontAgent® brings the Power of 10 to the #1 desktop OS on the planet. Its modern, customizable Windows interface gives you the power to discover, search, activate, colorize and compare your fonts—to streamline your workflow and improve everything you produce.

Table View shows font traits that you can sort, search and print
List View displays fonts in planks with selected metadata
Player View plays font slide shows and creates specimen sheets
Compare View lists all selected fonts in custom text planks
Tile View is a grid for easy comparisons of fonts and families

Glyphs View displays individual characters and symbols
Tags and Comments View assigns keywords and descriptors
Sets Sidebar organizes your fonts by sources and projects
Properties Sidebar displays detailed font metadata

New in FontAgent 10 for Windows

Version 10 of FontAgent for Windows adds a variety of new features, system support and performance improvements.

All-News Sets Manager

  • Hierarchical filtering for more organization
  • Set membership tracker that shows to which sets fonts belong

OS and Application Support

  • Optimized for Windows 10 and 11
  • Support for Adobe CC 2024 auto-activation
  • Native Windows UI to promote productivity and speed learning

Improved Font and Metadata Search

  • Stronger smart search for finding fonts fast
  • Enhanced duplication detection

Web and Subscription Font Support

  • Make subscription fonts work seamlessly with the rest of your fonts
  • Activate and deactivate fonts in Adobe Fonts subscription service
Graphic of font catalog book on a disk storage cylinder

The Power to Organize

As you add fonts to your catalog, FontAgent logs, tests and fingerprints them, and eliminates duplicates. Organize and classify your fonts however you want using sets, subsets, smart sets, tags and comments. Search through all your sets in a snap.

Graphic of various letters on a computer display. A magnifying glass is examining one of the letters.

The Power to Discover

FontAgent lets you preview, search, compare your fonts and their metadata in a modern Windows UI that you can customize on the fly. Compare face, weight, slant, width and color alternatives in seconds. Stay light or be bold. Find the right font for each project in no time.

Blue document with an orange pencil writing comments

The Power to Create

Using FontAgent, you create better designs and documents in Microsoft, Adobe, Affinity and all your favorite applications. Select, activate and stylize type to your heart’s content. Streamline your workflow and improve everything you produce.

Graphic of sharing fonts with users from a centralized catalog of fonts

The Power to Share

FontAgent makes it simple to share your fonts. Create specimen sheets for your clients. Export fonts and send them to outside agencies. Share your fonts, sets and tags with others through FontAgent Sync or Server to maintain consistency and control.

Flexible FontAgent Editions

FontAgent for Windows is available in multiple editions:

  • Standard Edition serves individual standalone users
  • Sync Edition shares and syncs fonts across Windows and Mac computers and users through the Cloud — no server required
  • Connected Edition works with FontAgent Server — Cloud or On-Premises

Find out which FontAgent edition is right for you.

Graphic with three iconic images depicting the distribution of fonts to user computers

Bring the Power of 10 to Your Creative Workflow

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FontAgent 10 runs on Windows 10 and 11.
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