An on-premises FontAgent® Server has always been more cost-effective than its competitors because it can support thousands of users on one machine. But what if you moved from on-prem to the cloud?

Let’s take a look at how FontAgent CloudServer—Insider’s cloud-based font management service—makes a strong economic case as the premier solution for organizations of all sizes.

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Slash Hardware and Administration Costs

FontAgent CloudServer eliminates the need to run your font server on internal hardware. Depending on the size of your organization, by switching to CloudServer, you can:

  • Save $3,000 to $10,000 per server in hardware acquisition costs every four years
  • Save $2,000 to $5,000 per server per year in admin labor costs

Industry studies have concluded that the total cost of hosted application servers can be up to 70% lower than the cost of in-house alternatives—and font servers are no exception. In addition to these savings, cloud-based font servers also offer many other cost and productivity advantages.

Graphic of fonts inside a cloud with a blue downward-pointing arrow with a dollar sign on it, depicting how FontAgent CloudServer lowers font costs

Reduce Font Licensing Costs

Font licensing costs usually exceed the cost of font management solutions by a wide margin and are often the driving force behind font server initiatives. FontAgent CloudServer gives you the tools you need to control font license costs by enabling you to:

  • Track font orders and associated license terms
  • Distribute fonts to just those users who need them
  • Know who is using which fonts
  • Remove unused fonts from user machines and return them to the shared server pool
  • Understand how many licenses of each font you really need

FontAgent CloudServer’s font usage reports give you the insight required to buy just the font licenses you need. Since font licensing costs add up very quickly, small organizations can save hundreds or thousands of dollars, and enterprises with thousands of users can save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Simplify Budgeting and Cost Controls

Font usage reports in FontAgent CloudServer also reduce administrative expenses and opportunity costs. By having real usage data in hand, purchasing agents can make fast, straightforward decision about how many licenses to buy, which costs centers to charge, and how much to budget for upcoming font purchases. Such clarity saves labor costs and streamlines budgeting efforts.

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Make Font Management Costs Predictable

The subscription model of FontAgent CloudServer makes font management costs affordable and predictable. Its annual fee includes Mac and Windows client software as well as built-in access to the CloudServer. The subscription also includes software updates for both server and client software, guaranteeing that your users always have access to the latest FontAgent features.

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Avoid Compliance Audit Costs

Like other software, fonts have legal license agreements that protect their copyrights. The licenses prohibit the uncontrolled spread of fonts across an enterprise, and their owners have the right to protect those agreements. FontAgent Server’s compliance reports are a powerful tool for quickly demonstrating your compliance with your font license agreements. In the event of a compliance audit, the reports can help you avoid massive legal bills and administrative costs triggered by proving your compliance after the fact.

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Enforce Consistency to Avoid Costly Errors

Using FontAgent Server, you can preserve the consistency of fonts across user desktops and projects. That consistency ensures that when various users open a file that all of them see the same document—and make business and production decisions that impact the business and avoid costly errors.

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Learn More About CloudServer

The savings driven by FontAgent CloudServer occurs on so many levels make it the premier font management solution for enterprises of any size. For more information on how to put CloudServer to work in your organization, contact Insider today.