FontAgent Sync

Sync Fonts Across Users, Macs and PCs

FontAgent Sync is the simplest, most cost-effective way to standardize, share and sync fonts across your workgroup, creative team or personal Macs and PCs—no server required.

Cloud Font Manager for Everyone

FontAgent Sync delivers all the power of FontAgent Standard Edition and also lets you:

  • Share fonts among users
  • Sync fonts across computers
  • Archive your fonts in the Cloud
  • Get free software updates
  • Enjoy early access to new features
  • Avoid hardware and IT costs
  • Enjoy easy subscription pricing

FontAgent Sync is perfect for centralizing fonts and streamlining workflows for workgroups of all kinds including: design, creative, marketing, production and operational groups; virtual and decentralized teams; teams with freelancers and contractors; even individuals with multiple computers.

Just Click. We’ll Do the Rest.

To share a font or set, just select it, click Sync and sit back. FontAgent Sync instantly makes it available to others in your workgroup. No need to define libraries, create folders, maintain a server or find an IT expert.

Your associates can be in the next cubicle, the next building, or halfway around the world. No worries. FontAgent Sync ensures that you’re all working with the same fonts.

Syncing for Individuals

Are you a standalone user? Use FontAgent Sync to:

  • Sync fonts automatically between two computers
  • Archive your fonts in the Cloud and auto-download them to new systems and drives
  • Receive free software upgrades and tech support
  • Get early access to new features
  • Share font resources with others easily

… all with a simple FontAgent Sync subscription.

Easiest Way to Share and Sync

Macworld awarded 4.5 mice to FontAgent Sync in its review of the product, with reviewer Jay Nelson calling it “the easiest way to share fonts among multiple Macs or a workgroup.” And it works the same way for Windows users.

Get Started Fast and Stay Up-to-Date

To get started, just download and install FontAgent software. Add a license for each user in your workgroup as you require. Your Sync subscription is your ticket to the future of font management.

Looking for Centralized Font Control?

FontAgent Sync is designed to share and sync fonts easily across users and computers—without having to manage a server. If you’re looking for more control of who is using your fonts, you should look at FontAgent CloudServer.

Reimagine your workflow. Start syncing today.

Mac version requires Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, or El Capitan (10.11 or later)
Windows version requires Windows 7, 8 or 10
Base subscription license valid for one user with two computers

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