The Most Advanced Font Server Technology on the Planet

FontAgent provides cloud-based and on-premise font server solutions with cost-effective, flexible licensing choices for workgroups, agencies and enterprises of all sizes.

FontAgent Server is the world’s most advanced font-server technology and is available in Cloud and Enterprise editions as well as in Team and Sync editions for small workgroups. Each version of FontAgent Server features:

  • Centralized font control and consistency
  • A new client UI that’s more powerful, visual and intuitive
  • Simple browser-based administration and distribution
  • Supersonic sync speeds
  • FontDNA™ fingerprinting and duplicate checking
  • Unrivaled insight into font metadata
  • Flexible font license compliance management
  • Real-time font usage and tracking
  • Industry-leading performance, scale and reliability

Contact us and we’ll help you decide which edition is right for you.

Graphic of using FontAgent CloudServer to control the distribution of fonts to users around the globe

FontAgent CloudServer

CloudServer™ is a hosted version of FontAgent Server that delivers the full functionality of the world’s fastest and most powerful font server. CloudServer highlights include:

  • Economical server solution that requires no hardware or software
  • Centralized, top-down control of font distribution
  • Font catalog storage in the Cloud
  • Free software upgrades and tech support
  • Optional enterprise directory services integration
  • Predictable, cost-effective subscription licensing

If you would rather install and support your font server on your own hardware, talk to us about Enterprise Server.

Graphic of sharing fonts with users from a centralized catalog of fonts

FontAgent Enterprise Server

The Enterprise Server is an on-premise installation of FontAgent Server that runs on your network and hardware. Its highlights include:

  • Centralized, top-down control of font distribution
  • Traditional, perpetual software licensing
  • Inside-the-firewall directory-services integration
  • Full software maintenance and support agreements
  • Deployment on Linux, Mac or Windows server or workstation hardware

FontAgent TeamServer

TeamServer™ is an edition of FontAgent Server that supports teams of up to ten users, making it a good on-premise solution for small creative teams, departments and agencies. If you prefer a simpler solution that shares fonts across a team without requiring a dedicated server or administrator, look at FontAgent Sync.

If you would like to avoid the hassles and costs of maintaining font server hardware and software, talk to us about CloudServer.

Graphic of controlled distribution of fonts to users

FontAgent Sync

FontAgent Sync is a revolutionary product that delivers simple font sharing in a cost-effective annual subscription. Its highlights include:

  • User-driven rather than admin-controlled font sharing
  • Font archival in the Cloud
  • Free software updates and tech support
  • No need for font server hardware or software

FontAgent Sync is perfect for centralizing fonts and streamlining workflows for workgroups of all kinds as well as virtual and decentralized teams with freelancers and contractors. FontAgent Sync also enables single users sync fonts across office and home computers.

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