FontAgent® Server is the world’s leading font server, powering the font control, distribution and management strategies of agencies, enterprises, media giants, film makers, theme parks, universities, printing empires, and creative departments across the globe. It integrates a variety of services into a comprehensive font management solution tailored to the requirements of IT, legal, business, marketing and creative departments.

Using its unique FontFlex intelligent architecture, FontAgent Server brings unrivaled control, distribution, compliance and creative consistency to enterprises of any size and sophistication.

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Cloud or On-Premises Deployment

The easiest, fastest and most cost-effective way to deploy FontAgent Server is using Insider’s cloud service. If you prefer, you can also install the Server on a Windows, Mac or Linux server on your network. Users run FontAgent Connected Clients for Mac or Windows and connect to the server software to manage and gain access to fonts.

Give Users the Full Power of FontAgent

FontAgent Server Connected Clients have all the same industry-leading power of FontAgent font management software.

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Supports Full Spectrum of User Connectivity

FontAgent users can work with any speed network connection. For best results, they should have a high-speed, broadband connection such as WiFi, cable, DSL, fiber or a local network connection.

Empowers Remote and Disconnected Users

Users can continue working with their fonts at all times, in the office, when they are working remotely, and even when the have no network connection at all.

The AI Power of FontFlex Architecture

FontAgent Server is built on Insider’s FontFlex™ technology, which understands the basic elements of font management. As you define fonts, sets, users groups, licenses and directories—and relate them to each other—the Server automatically assigns relevant rights to users and distributes the fonts securely to them. It’s fast, scalable and simple to maintain.

FontDNA Integrity

FontAgent Server and clients are built on Insider’s FontDNA integrity engine. It fingerprints your fonts to eliminate corrupt and duplicate ones from your collection. So your users enjoy top performance and their documents render and print precisely.

Graphic depicting font distribution in FontFlex server architecture

Fast and Simple Font Distribution

After uploading your fonts to FontAgent Server, you can assign them to groups of users using a modern, browser-based admin tool. The next time the users sync with the server, the assigned fonts are automatically downloaded to their computers. Taking fonts back from users is just as easy.

Expire Font Assignments

When you assign fonts and sets to users, you can specify an expiration date. When that date is reached, FontAgent Server automatically recalls the expired fonts from user systems and puts them back in a shared pool where they can be re-assigned to others.

Spiral graphic depicting controlled font distribution to FontAgent users

Build Any Size Font Collection

There is no actual limit to the number of fonts that the Server can manage. Best practices call for organizing your fonts into sets of reasonable size to keep them manageable.

Manage All Your Fonts from All Font Vendors

FontAgent Server manages your organization’s existing font library. It dispenses fonts to your users and tracks their usage. You can purchase fonts from your choice of font vendors and upload them to the Server.

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FontAgent Server Works for You

FontAgent Server delivers a wide world of benefits to communities from 5 to 50,000 users. To understand more, click the links below or contact us and we’ll answer your questions and help you configure the cloud or on-premises font server solution that’s just right for you.