As IT organizations search for ways to simplify secure access to network- and cloud-based resources, Okta has earned its place in enterprise technology stacks.

The Okta platform provides a suite of identity management, authentication, single sign-on, and secure access solutions for applications, devices and users. And now, you can add the power of Okta user identity and authentication to your FontAgent CloudServer enterprise font management solution.

FontAgent’s Role in Technology Stacks

FontAgent® supports the use of Okta to integrate user authentication as well as directory management for users and groups into the FontAgent CloudServer enterprise font management platform. Okta integration adds strength and simplicity to FontAgent’s crucial enterprise roles that enable you to:

  • Create a centralized, vetted library of fonts
  • Manage access privileges to fonts and font families
  • Securely control and distribute fonts to users in the extended enterprise
  • Ensure creative consistency across user devices and desktops
  • Maintain compliance with font licenses
Purple image of user being authenticated by Okta platform

Rapid Authentication and Directory Integration

FontAgent CloudServer’s integration with Okta is accomplished via two applications in your Okta organization dashboard:

  • FontAgent Directory, an API Services application that permits FontAgent CloudServer to access your organization’s groups and users
  • FontAgent SignOn, an OIDC-OpenID Connect application that authenticates your users via Okta as they launch the FontAgent 10 Client

It take just minutes to create the Okta apps required to unify the user identity and font control and compliance platforms.

The Power of Two Tech Stack Solutions

Okta’s integration with FontAgent unites two key components of your technology stack and delivers several crucial advantages, which include:

  • Unified single sign-on functionality
  • Centralized maintenance of font users and groups
  • Stronger font distribution and control strategies
  • More secure access to your font assets
  • Tighter compliance with the terms of your font licensing agreements

The easy integration of Okta and FontAgent makes it simple to take full advantage of both technologies. Want to learn more about combining the power of your Okta and FontAgent CloudServer platforms? Ask us.