If you’re looking for an alternative to Universal Type Server (UTS) font manager from Extensis, you’ve come to the right place. The end of the road for UTS is in plain sight now and customers worldwide are looking for good alternatives to the old font server.

Extensis stopped adding features to UTS two years ago and redirected its resources into developing its Connect Fonts service, which unfortunately falls far short of UTS functionality.

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Connect Fonts: Not Ready for Prime Time

Extensis is now encouraging UTS customers to move to Connect Fonts, their fledgling, cloud-only, font sharing service. And they are making with a lot of promises about adding enterprise features in the future. But don’t be fooled into thinking that Connect Fonts is ready for the font management requirements of enterprise audiences anytime soon, or perhaps ever.

FontAgent: Used by Industry Leaders Worldwide

So how about some good news? FontAgent Server from Insider Software is an enterprise-class font manager used by TV networks, media giants, ad agencies, corporate marketers, printers, prepress houses, manufacturers, universities and design schools worldwide. It was around before UTS and it’ll be here long after UTS is gone.

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Your Choice of Clients and Servers

FontAgent includes Mac and Windows clients with professional features that you expect from enterprise font managers. They’ve been setting the standard for font management functionality for years.

The clients sync seamlessly with FontAgent Server running in the cloud or on-premises on your choice of Linux, Mac, or Windows. FontAgent Server runs identically everywhere giving you a choice of how to deploy your enterprise font management and license compliance initiatives.

Checking All the Font Management Boxes

Are your users looking for design features? FontAgent checks all the boxes. Native Mac and Windows interfaces. Adjustable split screens. Adobe and Quark plug-ins. Nested and Smart Sets. Tagging. Custom comments. Quick-click sidebars. Extensive multi-tier searching. A parade of previews like List, Tile, Table, Compare and Metadata views. And there’s our ever-popular Player View with waterfalls, sample paragraphs, custom text, specimen sheets, and color and size controls. It’s all included and waiting to make your creative workflow fly like the wind.

Enterprise-Ready Now and in the Future

Better yet, FontAgent does it all without compromising enterprise power. So it includes enterprise directory integration, extensive user and group permissions, full UX configuration, easy font sharing, license management, and extensive compliance analytics and controls.

To back up our technology, we provide a full slate of professional services that guarantee your success in migrating off UTS, deploying FontAgent to your users, and keeping everything running smoothly. You can call on Insider or on our worldwide network of distributors and partners. All our products are backed by Insider’s no-hassle, no-risk, thirty-day money back guarantee.

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Move to FontAgent Before UTS Expires

If all this sounds a lot better than watching your old font server expire, contact Insider today for more information, a demo or a free trial. We’re eager to show you why our enterprise customers are among the most loyal in the creative software business.