As the demand for cloud services has skyrocketed, Insider has seen more and more of its customers move to the cloud in leaps and bounds as they:

  • Scramble to support remote and decentralized workforces
  • Eliminate the massive costs of internal server hosting
  • Tighten budgets and reduce operations headcount
  • Shift to subscription services that include maintenance, upgrades, and predictable pricing
Picture of a cloud-based server rack with FontAgent and Amazon Web Services logos

FontAgent CloudServer Moves to AWS

To meet growing demand and continue our track record of uninterrupted cloud service, after a decade of hosting in smaller data centers, Insider has consolidated its FontAgent® CloudServer operations into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

A Powerful Combination of Capabilities

So what does the combination of FontAgent and AWS mean for you and your organization? Quite frankly, a lot. Using Amazon’s advanced services, we can:

  • Provide faster synchronization with cloud-based font servers
  • Scale server operations to meet variations in usage demands
  • Improve automatic backup and restore services
  • Utilize mirrored, virtualized storage that can connect with new servers instantly
  • Strengthen server, network and physical security for all FontAgent customers
  • Continue our track record of dependable, high-availability cloud services

The best news? You don’t have to do anything to take advantage of FontAgent CloudServer’s new capabilities. And in our constant commitment to improving our service, we’ll be adding more power to the CloudServer platform in the future. Keep in touch with us for the details of new developments.

Graphic depicting cloud connectivity, scalability, performance, redundant storage and security in FontAgent CloudServer

No-Compromise Font Distribution and Control

In summary, The World’s Smartest Font Server™ is now teamed with the world’s smartest hosting platform. We think you’ll like the results. If you have any questions or want to learn more about moving your font distribution and control initiatives to the cloud, contact us today.