Image of magician using FontAgent auto-activating fonts in Adobe and other applications

Auto-Activating Fonts in Adobe Applications

To keep you creating at full speed, FontAgent® supports font auto-activation in popular Adobe Creative Cloud applications.
FontAgent 10 image of white and blue text on light blue background image of colored spheres

FontAgent 10 for Mac Highlights

FontAgent 10 for Mac adds native M-series chip support for up to 10x faster rendering and auto-activation, macOS 14 Sonoma and Adobe CC 2024 support, set filtering, dupe checking, and UI improvements.
Window pane with the words "The Power of 10" displayed in neon lights

FontAgent 10 Windows Highlights

Version 10 of FontAgent for Windows adds a bevy of new features that enhance the font management, control and compliance power of the World's Smartest Font Manager.
Image of several different kinds of donuts overlaid with the text Time to Choose

Installing the Right Font Formats

Tempted to install all your fonts on your Mac or PC? Not so fast. By selecting the right font formats ahead of time, you can avoid a lot of pain later. Learn which formats are best for you.
Image of a red a icon floating over an old picture of a laptop and an hourglass depicting how time is running out for old PostScript Type 1 fonts

Time is Running Out for Type 1 Fonts

The days of the venerated PostScript Type 1 font format are unfortunately drawing to a close. What can you do to update your Type 1 font collection so it works moving forward? FontAgent® can help.
White letters representing fonts floating over a blurred image in which a man's hand is touching a Subscribe button

Are Subscription Fonts Right for You?

After years of debate and speculation, subscription fonts have made their debut in the real world. But are they right for you and your organization? Do they provide everything you need or are they just part of a larger puzzle?