Okta Authentication and SSO in FontAgent

Add the power of Okta user identity and authentication to your FontAgent CloudServer enterprise font management solution.
Picture of a cloud-based server rack with FontAgent and Amazon Web Services logos

FontAgent Moves to the Amazon Cloud

To meet growing demand and continue our track record of uninterrupted cloud service, Insider has consolidated its FontAgent CloudServer operations into the AWS cloud.
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How FontAgent Server Works for You

FontAgent® Server integrates a variety of services into a comprehensive font management solution that meets the requirements of IT, legal, business, marketing and creative departments.
Image of wooden letters surrounding white tally marks against a teal background, representing font usage reports in FontAgent Server

Font Usage Reports in FontAgent CloudServer

FontAgent® CloudServer provides detailed font usage reports you need to track and control font usage and license compliance across your organization.
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Save with FontAgent CloudServer

FontAgent® CloudServer, Insider’s cloud-based font management service, makes a strong economic case as the premier solution for organizations of all sizes.

What is FontAgent CloudServer?

FontAgent® CloudServer centralizes control of font integrity, organization and distribution and compliance for organizations of any size.

FontAgent CloudServer Supports Azure Active Directory

FontAgent® CloudServer includes a simple, seamless solution for using Microsoft Azure Active Directory for single sign-on and directory permissions for managing cloud-based font distribution across the enterprise.