Image of magician using FontAgent auto-activating fonts in Adobe and other applications

Auto-Activating Fonts in Adobe Applications

To keep you creating at full speed, FontAgent® supports font auto-activation in popular Adobe Creative Cloud applications.
Colorful graphic of creatives using FontAgent in conjunction with QuarkXPress

Auto-Activating Fonts in QuarkXPress

FontAgent® Mac includes QuarkXPress XTension plugins for that automatically activate fonts in documents as you open them in QXP 2022 and earlier versions.
Image of a creative computer user in a modern office activating fonts for her current project

Best Practices for Installing and Activating Fonts

Font activation plays a vital role in the performance of your Mac or Windows computer and its applications. Tuning your habits to avoid performance problems is easy if you understand the basics of proper font installation, activation and management.
Graphical image of a collage of fonts overlaid with an activation slider control

Why Not Activate All My Fonts?

If you’ve built a sizable font collection over the years, there are crucial technical and practical reasons why you shouldn’t activate them all at the same time. Learn how to preserve the productivity of you and your computer by activating just the fonts you need.