Two Decades of Creative Workflow Leadership

Insider creates asset, font and workflow management solutions for design, web, art, graphics, prepress, print, marketing and creative teams; commercial, education and government institutions; and the largest publishers, film studios, entertainment networks, creative houses and advertising agencies worldwide.

Font Management

In the 90s, Insider created the industry’s first font-integrity tools and established itself as the undisputed leader in font organization and repair.

In 2001, Insider launched its FontAgent® family, which has set the standard for font-management power and stability ever since. FontAgent was the first font manager that included font integrity checking and the world’s first and only slide-show font player. Today, FontAgent technology delivers the industry’s only 100%-accurate font auto-activation. FontAgent’s technical innovation and unrivaled power have made it the World’s Smartest Font Manager.™

Font Synchronization

In 2016, after more than 30 major and minor releases of FontAgent products for Mac and Windows, Insider released FontAgent Sync. It syncs fonts across users and machines without the need for a font server or administrator. FontAgent Sync is the easiest solution of its kind and performs its magic at 15 to 20 times the speed of its only competitor.

Font Servers

Introduced in 2003, FontAgent Server has been the world’s fastest, easiest, most scalable font server ever since. It is designed to meet the strict requirements of global agencies and enterprises and routinely defeats all competitors in scalability, dependability and performance tests at customer sites.

In 2010, Insider added the world’s first fault-tolerant, replicated font server to its FontAgent Server family, and in 2011 introduced FontAgent TeamServer for workgroups and creative teams.

In 2014, Insider released FontAgent CloudServer, the first and only solution that provides organizations of all sizes with a cost-effective, cloud-based alternative to acquiring and maintaining an on-premise font server.

Digital Asset Management

Insider released Expo® in 2015 to help creatives discover, tag, search, use and share digital assets of all kinds—including images, vector files, video, audio, fonts, icons and even application files. Expo follows the Insider tradition of streamlining the workflow of creatives and designers and to this day remains:

  • The first asset manager with built-in font management and activation
  • The only asset manager with built-in access to photo, font and digital asset websites
  • The only product with drag-and-drop toolbar access to digital assets

Thank You to Our Customers and Partners

At Insider, we are proud of our products and our accomplishments, but we are most thankful for our loyal customers and channel partners. We work hard every day to help them solve their font management and creative workflow challenges. And we believe that when you combine the very best in technology with excellent customer service, good things happen.

If you are already a member of the Insider community, we thank you for your years of loyalty and support. If you’re new to Insider, we welcome you and ask that you to give us a chance to show you how committed we are to your satisfaction and success.

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