Track Font Usage Across Your Organization

For a variety of economic and legal reasons, it’s important to know how fonts are used across your organization. By using FontAgent® CloudServer’s font usage and compliance reports, you can determine which of your fonts are over- and underutilized.

Armed with that knowledge, you can optimize the distribution of your current fonts, save on future font purchases, and avoid legal problems by ensuring compliance with your current licenses.

Image of wooden letters surrounding white tally marks against a teal background, representing font usage reports in FontAgent Server

CloudServer Tracks the Usage Data You Need

The Server Manager web app in FontAgent CloudServer provides detailed usage reports you need to track and control font usage and license compliance across your organization. CloudServer automatically tracks:

  • Who has permission to use which fonts
  • Who has downloaded which fonts
  • Who has activated and deactivated which fonts
  • Which computers are being used by which users

As you grant users access to fonts, and as those users download and activate the fonts, those events are tallied each time users sync with the Server.

Font Usage Reports Provide Fast Answers

The Server Manager presents font usage reports in a familiar tabbed interface. It lets you view multi-dimensional usage data by following these steps:

  • Specify the primary dimension for your report by clicking Fonts, Sets, Users, Groups, Licenses or Machines in the black toolbar on the left.
  • Select which font, set, user, group, license or machine you wish to analyze.
  • Click the Font Usage tab to display a table of font usage data for the object you selected.

After the Server Manager displays your summary report, you can expand report contents to learn more about how fonts are being used.

Summary Font Information

Font usage reports display a variety of detailed information that include:

  • Descriptive information about a font (name, family, format, foundry, etc.)
  • The date a font was assigned to a user or group
  • The names and email addresses of users to whom a font is assigned
  • Machine names and IP addresses using a font
  • Which user uploaded a font to the CloudServer

Font Status Information

Font usage reports tally the number of fonts in various status categories:

  • Assigned – the number of users to which the font has been assigned
  • Downloaded – the number of users to whom the font has been downloaded
  • Activated / InUse – the number of users for whom the font is currently activated
  • Used – the number of users who have previously downloaded and activated the font, but for whom the font is not currently activated
  • Licensed – the number of licenses that you have indicated that you own

Usage Reports Help Control Fonts and Costs

CloudServer’s font usage reports enable creative IT, legal, and purchasing departments to:

  • Make sure the right people have the right fonts
  • Verify who is using which fonts
  • Identify which fonts are over-distributed and require additional licenses
  • Reclaim unused fonts from user machines to avoid purchasing unneeded additional licenses
  • Discover which fonts have licensed seat counts that are being underutilized
  • Charge cost centers and projects accurately for their font usage

Font usage reports are particularly valuable for organizations that:

  • Have many departments and projects that have access to corporate font resources
  • Have hundreds or even thousands of fonts for which they need to track usage
  • Have fonts with small licensed seat counts that need to be managed judiciously
  • Have never formally controlled the spread of fonts across their desktops

Compliance Reports Evaluate Usage by License

The license compliance reports in FontAgent CloudServer help organizations of all sizes maintain control of their fonts and satisfy the legal and business requirements of their font license agreements.

It’s crucial to remember that font files do not contain the seat count for which the font is licensed. So before running license compliance reports, you must first define licenses that include license type, seat count and purchase details. Then you assign those licenses to the corresponding fonts in your FontAgent catalog. After you have defined your licenses, to run a compliance report, click the License tab in the black toolbar, and then click the Font Usage tab to see how your fonts are being used.

Compliance reports enable you to:

  • Check if the fonts covered by a license are in compliance
  • Understand if the fonts covered by the license are being well utilized
  • Determine if you need additional font licenses to remain in compliance
  • Satisfy font vendors’ audit report requirements of who is using licensed fonts

Machine Reports Measure Usage on Multi-User Desktops

In some situations, such as education and production environments, individual computers are used by more than one user. For those environments, Click the Machines tab in the black toolbar to look at how fonts are utilized by all users on each machine.

Export Usage Data for Detailed Analysis

FontAgent CloudServer also lets you download font usage data for further analysis. Click the Download XLSX Worksheet button to export a usage report for all fonts on your server into a multi-sheet Excel file that you can then use to:

  • Get a quick summary of aggregated font-usage data
  • View a list of currently activated fonts
  • See a list of fonts that are out of license compliance
  • Study your organization’s font usage and license compliance
  • Add pivot tables to explore the multi-dimensional usage data

The report below is an Excel worksheet that lists the fonts in a set, and for each font it shows:

  • The font’s name, family and foundry
  • Number of licensed seats
  • Number of assigned users
  • Percentage of licensed seats assigned to users
  • Whether the font is currently activated and the number of activations
  • The compliance status of the font
Screenshot of a FontAgent Server usage report

Learn More About Font Usage Reports

Interested in how FontAgent CloudServer usage reports can help you gain control of your font catalog, save you font acquisition costs, and maintain font license compliance? Talk to us.