FontAgent 10 for Mac Highlights

FontAgent 10 for Mac adds native M1 chip support for up to 10x faster rendering and auto-activation, macOS 12 Monterey and Adobe CC 2022 support, set filtering, dupe checking, and UI improvements.


macOS Compatibility

Learn which versions of Insider font management and distribution products are compatible with Monterey, Big Sur and other Apple macOS releases.


Reality Check: Are Your Fonts Properly Licensed?

Font foundries are enforcing the terms of their licenses in court and the time is clearly over for having casual attitudes about font licensing. A self-audit is a good idea for users and organizations who have font collections with unknown license terms.


The Risks and Dangers of Free Fonts

It’s important to understand the risks of using free fonts in your projects. The dangers can include license violations, font integrity and quality issues, incomplete families and character sets, and serious rendering problems.


Why Not Activate All My Fonts?

If you’ve built a sizable font collection over the years, there are crucial technical and practical reasons why you shouldn’t activate them all at the same time. Learn how to preserve the productivity of you and your computer by activating just the fonts you need.


Installing the Right Font Formats

Tempted to install all your fonts on your Mac or PC? Not so fast. By selecting the right font formats ahead of time, you can avoid a lot of pain later. Learn which formats are best for you.


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