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macOS Compatiblity

Learn which releases of Apple's macOS operating system, including Sierra and El Capitan, are supported by various Insider font and asset management products.

FontAgent CloudServer Supports Azure Active Directory

FontAgent CloudServer now includes Microsoft Azure Active Directory integration. The result is a simple, seamless solution for using Azure AD for single sign-on and directory permissions for managing cloud-based font distribution across the enterprise.

Reality Check: Are Your Fonts Properly Licensed?

Font foundries are enforcing the terms of their licenses in court and the time is clearly over for having casual attitudes about font licensing. A self-audit is a good idea for users and organizations who have font collections with unknown license terms.

What is FontAgent CloudServer?

FontAgent CloudServer is the industry's first and most powerful cloud-based font server. It provides centralized control of font integrity, organization and distribution for organizations from 2 to 200,000 users.

FontAgent 7.1 Mac Adds Group by Family and Foundry

The Table View in FontAgent 7.1 for Mac now includes checkboxes for grouping fonts by Family and Foundry. The release is free for purchasers of Version 7.

Why You Need a Font Manager

While you can reap many important benefits from using a font manager, the single most important reason is that a good font manager elevates the performance of you and your computer. This article explains how Insider Software’s FontAgent makes both of you better at what you do.

All in the Family Metadata

Why does FontAgent's Group-by-Family features display some variants of a font in a separate font family from the base font? It's because FontAgent groups fonts according to the value of the Font Family attribute specified by their font designer.

How Open Should You Be to Open Source Fonts?

For projects that don’t require the flexibility of full-featured commercial fonts, or if you simply don’t want to deal with licensing complexities, open source fonts offer a hassle-free alternative. With new open source typefaces appearing all the time, the open source option will continue to be a decent solution for many design and web projects.

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