Font servers are a misunderstood breed of technology. Many people see them as file servers, but font servers are so much more than that. To understand more, let’s take a look at the various technologies and services that comprise FontAgent® Server.

The Foundation: FontFlex™ Technology

FontAgent Server is built on FontFlex technology, which manages the properties and interactions of the basic elements of font management:

  • Fonts – files containing the glyph outlines and metadata descriptors for typefaces
  • Sets – logical collections of fonts
  • Tags – keywords that describe characteristics, classifications, uses and styles of fonts
  • Licenses – legal terms, receipts and documents describing the rights to use individual fonts
  • Users – the identity of users of the font server
  • Groups – logical collections of users
  • Directories – external enterprise services storing user identities
Graphic depicting interaction of the elements in FontFlex server architecture

The Workhorses: Integrated Font Services

Atop its FontFlex foundation, FontAgent Server provides a variety of integrated services:

  • A centralized database for storing fonts licensed by your organization, including their associated metadata
  • Built-in directory services for managing users and groups, and assigning permissions to server functionality and fonts
  • Integration with external directory services containing enterprise user details
  • A file manager that distributes fonts to users with appropriate permissions
  • A font integrity engine that tests the validity of fonts
  • A metadata manager that discovers, stores and searches descriptive information about your fonts
  • A multi-threaded, high performance, input/output manager that transmits fonts to user computers
  • A manager that helps you stay in compliance by tracking your font purchases, available seats and their license terms
  • A service that delivers real-time insight into font availability and activation by user, group and computer

The Interface: FontAgent Server Manager

FontAgent Server provides a browser-based Server Manager application that enables server admins to:

  • Browse and edit fonts, sets, users, groups and font licenses on the server
  • Grant permission to users to access fonts and sets
  • Configure server settings
  • Integrate with directory services
  • View real-time reports of font usage and license compliance

Users access FontAgent Server through FontAgent Connected Clients that run on their Mac and Windows computers.

The Result: Font Consistency and Control

Using the FontAgent Server Manager and Connected Clients, you can:

  • Upload fonts and organize them into sets
  • Invite users and organize them into groups
  • Enter license information and assign them to corresponding fonts
  • Assign fonts and sets to users and groups

The result is a centralized repository of fonts and their associated metadata that you use to control the distribution of fonts, drive font consistency and ensure font license compliance across your organization.