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Reality Check: Are Your Fonts Properly Licensed?

Font foundries are enforcing the terms of their licenses in court and the time is clearly over for having casual attitudes about font licensing. A self-audit is a good idea for users and organizations who have font collections with unknown license terms.
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The Risks and Dangers of Free Fonts

It’s important to understand the risks of using free fonts in your projects. The dangers can include license violations, font integrity and quality issues, incomplete families and character sets, and serious rendering problems.
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Font License Compliance Solutions

If you’re not tracking font usage and license compliance in your organization, there is no better time to start than now. The financial and legal exposure is simply too great.
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Font Usage Reports in FontAgent CloudServer

FontAgent® CloudServer provides detailed font usage reports you need to track and control font usage and license compliance across your organization.
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Save with FontAgent CloudServer

FontAgent® CloudServer, Insider’s cloud-based font management service, makes a strong economic case as the premier solution for organizations of all sizes.
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Command and Control of User Desktop Fonts

FontAgent® Server includes a variety of customizable controls for syncing, displaying and managing fonts on client desktops.
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Why Track Font Licenses?

Similar to other software licenses, a font license states the terms of use granted to you when you purchase or download a font. FontAgent® Server lets you store, track and enforce your font licenses to help you comply with their terms.
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Are Subscription Fonts Right for You?

After years of debate and speculation, subscription fonts have made their debut in the real world. But are they right for you and your organization? Do they provide everything you need or are they just part of a larger puzzle?

What’s in FontAgent Server?

FontAgent® Server integrates a variety of font management services into its FontFlex™ foundation to serve the needs of organizations of any size.

Expiring Font Assignments in FontAgent Server

FontAgent® Server lets you auto-expire the assignment of FontFlex™ objects to each other so you can recall fonts and sets from users and groups at the end of projects and contractor engagements.

Font Licensing is a Serious Issue

Virtually all graphics workflows include fonts, but very few organizations adequately track font usage throughout their enterprise. Unfortunately, their lack of ability to track their fonts is a ticking time bomb.

How Open Should You Be to Open Source Fonts?

For projects that don’t require full-featured commercial fonts, open source fonts offer a free alternative. Here's what you need to know before you start using them in your designs and documents.