Font Management Paradise: Creativity and Control

Compliance has moved to the forefront of enterprise computing agendas, and software license management has become a hot topic. After bringing software apps into compliance, organizations have turned their focus to the fonts used every day by users across the enterprise. The challenge is to bring control and order to user desktops without impacting the freewheeling nature of creative processes. It’s a delicate balance that requires specialized software that enforces new digital rights policies and processes.

Individuals Want Creativity and Control

Creative and business users need to make sense of their growing font collections. They turn to font managers like FontAgent to organize their font catalogs and activate just the fonts they need. By controlling their fonts, they streamline their workflows and keep their Font menus compact.

Corporate Users Want Power and Freedom

In organizations worldwide, managers have charged workers with producing the documents and designs that drive revenues and growth—whatever it takes. It’s commonplace for users to introduce unlicensed software and digital assets into their workflows to drive their productivity.

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Organizations Require Control and Compliance

With renewed commitments to license compliance, executives and legal teams have charged IT departments with controlling the illegal spread of improperly licensed software, including the fonts that appear in virtually all digital workflows. IT groups must rein in the spread of rogue fonts while ensuring the productivity of user communities. It’s a complicated trade-off.

Insider Brings the Best of Both Worlds

Insider offers the best of both worlds: creativity and control. Users get the creative freedom they need to explore and select their fonts while automating and streamlining their project workflows. So they spend more time creating and less time wrestling with font collections. IT and legal departments get the power they need to control the distribution of fonts and maintain license compliance across the enterprise. And they get their choice of cloud and on-prem solutions.

Insider Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Here at Insider, we help organizations tackle font control issues every day, helping them to:

  • Distribute fonts securely to user desktops
  • Halt the spread of unlicensed, rogue fonts
  • Comply with vendor font licenses
  • Track font usage by creative and business users

Best of Both Worlds

I want the best of both worlds
And honey I know what it’s worth.
If we could have the best of both worlds
We’d have heaven right here on Earth.

Van Halen, 1986

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