Organize and Streamline Your Font Catalog

Trying to decide how to best organize your FontAgent catalog? Wondering how to simplify a Sets Sidebar that has grown to an unwieldy size? FontAgent includes a number of powerful features that help you simplify the organization of your font collection including nested sets, tags, quick searches and Smart Sets.


FontAgent Server Delivers FontFlex Font Management

FontAgent® Server is the world's only object-based font server and the most advanced solution for organizing, optimizing, distributing and tracking your fonts. Based on FontFlex™ technology, it brings new levels of performance, scalability, flexibility and simplicity to organizations of any size.


Gallery: FontAgent for Windows

FontAgent for Windows sports an all-new, modern interface that's highly flexible and functional. You can configure it on the fly to meet your exact needs at any moment. Here's a gallery of ideas for making FontAgent do what you want.


Font Licensing is a Serious Issue

Virtually all creative workflows include fonts, but very few organizations adequately track font usage throughout their enterprise. Unfortunately, their lack of ability to track their fonts is a ticking time bomb.


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