The Bondi Release of FontAgent® Server adds more organization, configurability, control and consistency to the world’s only object-based font server and the most advanced solution for organizing, optimizing, distributing and tracking your fonts.

If you’re a CloudServer customer, you’re already using the Bondi Server. If you have an on-premises installation of FontAgent Server, contact us for upgrade information.

To make the most of the new features in the Bondi Release, make sure you are using the latest versions of the FontAgent Connected Client for Mac or Windows.

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Server-Based, Sharable Tags

The Bondi Release includes an all-new tag manager that enables server and font admins to:

  • Create and manage a centralized database of server-based tags
  • Assign tags to fonts to associate them by topic, use, client, project, vendor, department, publication, etc.
  • Distribute those tags with their associated fonts as you assign them to users and groups
  • Enable font admins to easily add and maintain tags
  • Allow users to create client-side tags for their personal use
Graphic of two shipping tag cards on strings, signifying FontAgent's support for tagging your fonts

Nested Sets

The new sets manager in the Bondi Release allows you to define nested sets of fonts on FontAgent connected clients and upload them to the server for sharing with other users.

These subsets enable you to organize your fonts into subcategories — such as project subsets within a client set, or font styles within a font foundry. By using nested sets and tagging, you can deliver more clarity, consistency and productivity to all your users.

Graphic of a hierarchy of nested folders depicting FontAgent's support for nested font sets

Client Configuration and Control

One of the most frequent requests we hear from FontAgent Server admins is to make it easier to control functionality on connected Mac and Windows clients. The Bondi Release allows admins to tighten controls on Mac and Windows connected clients by enabling the admins to:

  • Restrict users from importing fonts locally
  • Stop users from exporting fonts to their local disks
  • Prohibit changes to system font folders
  • Show or hide system fonts on user machines
  • Enable Kerberos for user authentication
  • Specify how often clients sync with the server

The Bondi release also expands group administration capabilities so admins can add users, sets and fonts to all the members of groups in which the admins are members.

Graphic of a gear with user avatars and slide controls depicting user preferences and settings

Administration, Stability and Performance

The Bondi release also includes administrative improvements:

  • Expanded directory integration via Microsoft Azure
  • New server manager that installs, launches and updates the FontAgent Server application
  • Performance and stability improvements
Graphic of a small blue square expanding into a larger square depicting scalability
Graphic depicting interaction of the elements in FontFlex server architecture

The Bondi release includes tag and subset enhancements to FontFlex™, the advanced architecture that is the foundation of FontAgent Server.

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Why is the New Release Called Bondi?

You might be asking why the new release is called Bondi. First, we like beaches and Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most famous stretches of sand. So why did we go with a release name over a release number? Good question.

Over the years, we’ve gone to great lengths to separate our client software releases from our server releases. As a result, you can schedule server and client upgrades as your schedule permits, and support users running different release numbers.

By naming our server releases, we ease the confusion of running clients with version numbers that don’t match their associated servers. And besides, beaches are more fun than numbers anyway. But if you are still more comfortable with release numbers, please know that Bondi-named releases are Version 9.x of FontAgent Server.

Requirements and Availability

The Bondi Release is already being used by FontAgent CloudServer customers as part of their subscription service. The server software also runs on-premises in Enterprise and TeamServer installations on Windows, Mac and Linux servers. For on-premises server customers with current maintenance agreements, the Bondi upgrade is available at no charge. Both the cloud and on-premises versions of the server support integration with enterprise directory services compatible with Active and Open Directory.

While the Bondi Release supports connections from FontAgent 8.x and 9.x Connected Clients for Mac and Windows, make sure you are running the latest client software to make the most of all the new features.

For More Information or Upgrades

Need more information about the Bondi Release of FontAgent Server? Contact Insider to:

  • Get more product or pricing information
  • Upgrade your on-premises FontAgent Server software
  • Avoid upgrade hassles by moving to CloudServer