Old leather suitcase with the words Small Caps on it overlaid on old movable wooden type

The Case for Small Cap Fonts

Small cap fonts are uppercase glyphs reduced to the size of lowercase letters and modified to work at smaller sizes. Here are some ideas and rules for using small caps effectively in your designs and documents.

Graphical image of a cityscape overlaid with regular and italic letters sporting colorful hats

Stylin’ Italics and Obliques

Most people use the terms italic, oblique and slanted interchangeably to refer to font styles that lean to the right. But they're not the same. In fact, italics have a style all their own.

Font sample sheets against a jumble of colored font shapes

Font Sample Sheets in Seconds

It's easy to create hardcopy and PDF font sample and specimen sheets in FontAgent® so you can share your font selections with others, compare text in various fonts, and create catalogs of your font collection.

Metallic type against a red background overlaid with the words "Digital Fonts"

Type, Fonts, Faces and Cases

Many digital typography terms of today — including type, typeface, font and uppercase — trace back to the creation of metal type in Europe five hundred years ago.

Graphical image of an extended character set supported by OpenType font file format

The Benefits of OpenType

OpenType is a modern font file format whose benefits include cross-platform support, simple file management, advanced typography, expanded glyph sets, and compatibility through open standards.

Image of two purple-and-white panels depicting duplicate fonts

Dealing with Duplicate Fonts

There are many ways that apparently similar fonts can differ from each other. It’s crucial to understand the differences so you select thee right fonts to use in your creative projects.


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