Expo Overview

Expo™ is an innovative digital asset manager that redefines how web, creative and marketing professionals discover, manage and utilize assets in their projects. By supporting their entire workflow, Expo helps them develop better designs, websites, documents, presentations and materials.


Why Track Font Licenses?

Similar to other software licenses, a font license states the terms of use granted to you when you purchase or download a font. FontAgent Server lets you store, track and enforce your font licenses to help you comply with their terms.


FontAgent Terminology

FontAgent adds a layer of lingo to font and typography terminology. Here's a list of some terms that describe font management functionality in FontAgent servers and clients.


How Open Should You Be to Open Source Fonts?

For projects that don’t require the flexibility of full-featured commercial fonts, or if you simply don’t want to deal with licensing complexities, open source fonts offer a hassle-free alternative. With new open source typefaces appearing all the time, the open source option will continue to be a decent solution for many design and web projects.


Using Expo to Find Free Assets

Use Expo's embedded web browser to discover images, videos, fonts and other digital assets to add to your collection. Create your own list of favorite sites to search for assets.


What is FontAgent CloudServer?

FontAgent CloudServer is the industry's first and most powerful cloud-based font server. It provides centralized control of font integrity, organization and distribution for organizations from 2 to 200,000 users.


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