FontAgent® Server uses Insider’s unique FontFlex™ technology to combine power, performance and flexibility into a simple solution that addresses the needs of the smallest workgroups and largest enterprises.

How FontFlex Font Management Works

FontAgent Server’s FontFlex architecture organizes font management into its basic elements—fonts, sets, subsets, tags, users, groups, font licenses and enterprise directories. Those elements automatically interact with each other as you import fonts, add users and assign fonts to them.

FontAgent Server then automatically:

  • Manages user and group properties
  • Manages font metadata and set definitions
  • Distributes fonts, sets and tags to users as admins assign them
  • Takes back fonts whose assignments have expired or have been revoked
  • Tracks which users have downloaded and activated which fonts

Graphic depicting interaction of the elements in FontFlex server architecture

Why is FontFlex Technology So Much Better?

So why should FontFlex architecture matter to you? Because it makes managing your fonts easier than ever. You just connect two elements—by assigning a font to a user, a set to a group, a font to a set, a tag to a font, a user to a group, whatever you want—and FontAgent Server takes care of the rest.

The next time users connect to the server, they auto-sync with your font library so they wind up with exactly the fonts they are supposed to have. Even better, users can just keep working while FontAgent Server performs all its magic in the background. Everyone wins.

Future-Proof Technology

FontFlex technology makes FontAgent Server faster, more scalable, with higher performance and far better reliability than any other font server. But it also provides a foundation for future growth and innovation to ensure that FontAgent Server will widen its technical lead in the font-server market for years to come.