FontAgent® Server adds a new dimension in font administration ease with the automatic expiration of font assignments to users.

Auto-Expiration Makes Life Easier

Have you ever wished you could use your font server to automatically:

  • Recall fonts from users at the close of a project?
  • Pull back fonts from contractors at the end of their engagement?
  • Give someone access to a font for just a day or two?
  • Temporarily assign a user to a team or project?

Well now you can—thanks to FontAgent Server and its unique FontFlex™ architecture.

It All Starts with FontFlex Objects

FontAgent’s FontFlex™ technology organizes font management into its basic elements—fonts, sets, users, groups, font licenses and enterprise directories. You make those objects automatically interact with each other in FontAgent Server as you upload fonts, add users and assign fonts to them. And as the objects interact in the Server, it determines exactly which fonts and sets each user is entitled to use.

FontFlex architecture provides a strong, flexible foundation for future growth in FontAgent Server functionality.

What Does This Mean in FontFlex Terms?

FontFlex technology lets you automatically expire the assignment of FontAgent Server objects to each other. So now you can use calendar settings to :

  • Recall fonts from users and groups
  • Recall sets from users and groups
  • Remove users from groups

You use the browser-based FontAgent Server Manager to specify auto-expiration dates as shown below. Auto-expiration is a great way to pull font licenses back into unused pools for assignment to other users.

Using Auto-Expiration is Easy

The screenshot above shows how easy it is to set an expiration date for the assignment of a set to a group of users. It’s as simple as picking a date from a pop-up calendar.

At midnight on the expiration date, FontAgent Server removes the assignment of the set to the group. The next time members of the group sync with the server, it removes that set and its associated fonts from the user’s computer—unless, of course, the user has been granted rights to the font through another assignment. It’s that simple, and it’s that powerful.

This is the Start of Something Good

The object-based functionality in FontFlex technology provides the magic that makes FontAgent Server unrivaled in power, flexibility, scalability and simplicity.

Auto-expiration is just the beginning of a bright future in font management and license compliance. We’ll be adding new features that strengthen FontAgent Server’s technical leadership. Stay tuned.