As font management users, we’re familiar with importing fonts into our font managers. But there are times, and good reasons, for exporting fonts as well.

By exporting selected fonts into folders, we can:

  • Send the fonts to service bureaus, prepress services and print shops
  • Distribute the fonts to associates and clients
  • Take the fonts into design review sessions or client meetings
  • Unite the fonts with project files and documents in which they are used
  • Create archives of your font collection for safekeeping

… and the list goes on.

Stylized blue image of file cabinet and folder hierarchy inside a disk storage cylinder

Specifying Export Folder Parameters

The export process in FontAgent® makes copies of the fonts you select and organizes them in a well-organized folder hierarchy. To export fonts out of FontAgent, perform these steps:

  • Select a font family, set or library name in the Left Sidebar.
  • Select the fonts you want to export in FontAgent’s Image or Table views.
  • Select Export fonts from the File menu (or press Command+E on the Mac keyboard).

The Save dialog box appears, allowing you to specify where to export your fonts.

Screenshot of Save dialog for choosing a folder name for exporting fonts from FontAgent

The Export dialog lets you specify these parameters:

  • A folder name for your exported fonts (such as Campus Directory as shown above)
  • Tags that you can use to find your fonts later (such as Facilities above)
  • A folder location in which to place your folder of exported fonts

Click Save and FontAgent creates an organized set of font folders at your selected location.

Exporting Fonts into Hierarchical Folders

The exported folders are organized in a hierarchical structure as shown below.

Screenshot of folder structure of FontAgent export command

File Hierarchy of FontAgent File Export

Hierarchy Level Examples Shown Above
1 - Initial letter of font family name A, C, L
2 - Font family name Advisor Medium SSI, Minion Pro
3 - Font foundry Southern Software, Adobe Systems
4 - Font filename adv5.ttf, minionprosemibold.otf

Unless you’re in a prepress or print design department, you probably don’t have a need for FontAgent’s Export facility every day. But it’s one of the most practical and time-saving features in FontAgent, and one of these days you’ll be thankful it’s there.

For ideas for organizing your fonts by family, click here.