The Image View is among the most familiar views in FontAgent. It appears in the top pane of FontAgent’s main window where you can preview, browse, search and manage your catalog of fonts.

The Image View displays fonts in horizontal planks, each one of which includes:

  • The font’s name, family and foundry
  • An image of the font in its native typeface
  • A user-settable, five-star rating for the font
  • A slide switch for activating and deactivating the font

Viewing Your Font Catalog

When you select All Fonts, a set, or a Smart Set in the left sidebar of FontAgent, the associated fonts appear in the Image View. Scroll up and down to see all the fonts.

The Image View shows fonts in their native appearance with associated descriptors

The Versatile Roles of the Image View

The Image View plays a variety of roles in FontAgent in which it acts as a:

  • Font catalog browser
  • Font selector for other FontAgent views
  • Search results viewer
  • Font activation tool

Font Catalog Browser

Once you have selected a set of fonts and they appear in the Image View, select one or more fonts to control the appearance of the contents in FontAgent’s bottom pane.

Font Selector

By selecting fonts in the Image View, you specify which fonts appear in the bottom pane. The viewers in the bottom pane include FontAgent’s Glyph, Compare, Player and Tags & Comments Views. The Player View lets you preview currently selected fonts in waterfalls, lorem ipsum paragraphs, alphabets, specimen sheets and custom strings.

Select multiple fonts in the Image View (top) to compare them in
custom text strings and colors (bottom) in FontAgent’s Compare View

Search Results Viewer

When you perform a search, the Image View is a great place to view your results. You can see the fonts in their everyday street clothes, and you can easily drill down into their metadata and glyph sets with a click.

Font Activation Tool

When you activate fonts in FontAgent, you make them available for use in your Mac and Windows applications. On the right side of each font plank in the Image View, you can click the activation slider to activate and deactivate the font. To activate multiple fonts at the same time, select them and click the activate icon in the FontAgent Toolbar.

Click the sliders to activate and deactivate fonts

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