While FontAgent® 10 for Mac contains several user interface improvements, the most obvious is an improved toolbar that appears at the top of its application window.

The toolbar gives you single-click shortcuts for frequently used font management commands. The icons that appear on the left and right sides of the toolbar appear below.

Left Side Toolbar Controls

The icons on the left side of the toolbar let you choose how you want to view your fonts in the top pane of the FontAgent main window. There’s also an icon for importing fonts into FontAgent.

Table View
Show the Table View in the top pane of the main window. It displays a row-and-column table of fonts and their associated metadata, and just like a spreadsheet, you can scroll, resize, sort and search its contents.

Toggle Sets Sidebar
Show and hide the Sets Sidebar, which appears to the left of the main window and lists font and sets in your FontAgent database. You can use it to define new sets and subsets, as well as select sets to display in FontAgent’s main window.

Image View
Show the Image View, which displays previews of fonts and selected metadata in horizontal planks in the main window. It’s a fast, uncluttered way to see fonts in their native typefaces fast.

Import Fonts
Opens a dialog that lets you select a font file or folder of fonts font that you want to import into FontAgent. The import process tests the integrity of each font, produces a report of import results, and makes the fonts available in FontAgent.

Tile View
Display the Tile View, which is a compact grid of font previews and names. It’s great for quickly comparing all the styles available in a font family.


Right Side Toolbar Controls

At the top-right of the FontAgent application window, the following icons provide one-click access to font management functionality.

Displays the Smart Search/Quick Search tool that lets you quickly define simple or complex searches of your font database.

Synchronize your local FontAgent database with your organization’s FontAgent Server running either in your private cloud or the Insider cloud. (Available in FontAgent CloudServer or Connected Client)

Activate the currently selected fonts or set to make the associated fonts available for use in applications on your Mac.

Upload / Share
Upload and share the currently selected fonts or sets to FontAgent Server running in your private cloud or the Insider Cloud. (Available in FontAgent CloudServer or Connected Client)

Deactivate the currently selected fonts or set. The associated fonts still reside in your FontAgent database, but are no longer active in your macOS apps, so your Font menus are simpler, and you save system resources.

Toggle Right Sidebar
Click to hide and show the Properties Sidebar, which appears to the right of the main window and displays metrics, metadata and other properties for the currently selected font or set.

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