One of the common questions we get from FontAgent® users is how to create sample and specimen sheets so they can send share their font choices with clients, compare text in various fonts, and create catalogs of their font collection. They’re often surprised to learn how easy it is to use to create hardcopy and PDF font sample sheets in FontAgent.

Font sample sheets against a jumble of colored font shapes

Creating Sample Sheets

The Player and Compare views are the best way to create sample sheets and offer a variety of layouts and text variations. To make your own sample sheets, follow these steps:

  • Select the Player or Compare tab in FontAgent’s lower pane.
  • Select a group of fonts or sets.
  • Select or enter the text you want.
  • Click the printer icon.
Screenshot of the lower pane controls in FontAgent's main window

Controls in the bottom pane let you customize your sample sheets

Sample Sheet Examples

Here are a few examples of sample and specimen sheets you can produce using FontAgent.

Font sample sheet showing a text string set in a variety of user-selected fonts

Custom text in Compare View

Font specimen sheet of font waterfalls and paragraphs produced by FontAgent

Specimen text in Player View

Font specimen sheet displaying alphanumerics and a sample text string

ABC123 text in Player View

Font specimen sheet displaying lorem ipsum paragraphs

Paragraph text in Player View

Customizing Your Sample Sheets

The Player and Compare views in FontAgent have a variety of settings you can use to specify the text strings, sizes and colors you want in your sample sheets. The settings provide tremendous flexibility so you can produce samples you need quickly. And always remember that when you see something in FontAgent you want to share, a decent screen grab utility like SnagIt can capture it instantly.

Have questions about creating the sample sheets you need?
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