FontAgent® makes more metadata available than any other font manager and then gives you more ways to search, sort, view and use that metadata to find the right fonts fast.

In an earlier post entitled The Yin and Yang of Font Metadata, we discussed how metadata provides a wealth of information about your font collection. Here are some tips on using FontAgent to explore font metadata to find the right fonts for your creative projects.

View Detailed Font Metadata

To view a font’s detailed metadata:

  • Select the font in the Table View or List View.
  • Click the Font tab in the Properties Sidebar.

View and Sort Metadata

Use the Table View to sort fonts by their metadata:

  • Control-click any column header to select metadata items you want to view.
  • Drag columns to reorder them in the table.
  • Select a set in the left sidebar to display its fonts in the table.
  • Click a column to sort your fonts by the metadata values in that column.

Define Searches and Save Your Results

To search fonts by their metadata:

  • Click the magnifier in the Search field at the top of the FontAgent window.
  • Enter one or more search criteria, e.g. Foundry Name contains Adobe and Proportion is Condensed.
  • As you refine your search, FontAgent displays fonts matching your criteria.

Like your new search? Click Save and give it a name to save it as a Smart Set. As you add fonts that match your criteria, FontAgent auto-adds them to the set. At any time, to see the fonts that match your criteria, just click the Smart Set in the left sidebar.

Revolutionize Your Workflow

Explore all the metadata available in FontAgent using its searching and sorting tools, and try saving some of your common searches. You’ll see how having all that metadata at your fingertips revolutionizes your creative workflow.