FontAgent® adds a layer of lingo to font and typography terminology. The FontAgent terms focus on product features that include font organization, font management, previews, user interface, searching and tagging. It’s a language you pick up very quickly as you use FontAgent.

Here’s a list of some terms that describe FontAgent font management functionality.

To view a summary of typography terminology, click here.


Activating a font in FontAgent clients makes the font available for use. By activating only the fonts they need, users improve system performance, save system resources, and preserve the usability of Font menus in applications.


Automatic activation of fonts that occurs when you open a document in a Mac or Windows application. FontAgent clients provide auto-activation in modern applications and includes auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe and Quark apps.

Compare View

Displays sample text in multiple fonts for easy side-by-side comparison. Displays the fonts in a text string, size and colors specified by the user.

Connected Client

A version of FontAgent that connects to FontAgent Server’s Enterprise, Cloud or Team editions. Automatically syncs fonts on its user’s computer with server-based fonts for which the user has been granted access rights.

expiration date

The date on which you request FontAgent Server to remove or revoke font permissions from users and groups.

FontAgent Sync

A version of FontAgent that syncs its users fonts with other users or computers by connecting to the Cloud. Differs from the Connected Client in that relies on a user-controlled font-sharing model instead of a top-down, centrally controlled server model.

Glyphs View

Displays the character set of the currently selected font in the bottom pane of FontAgent clients.


A logical association of users that FontAgent Server admins use to grant permissions, assign licenses, and distribute fonts in a single step. Similar to a group in directory services.

import history

A list of sets that log which fonts were imported into FontAgent and when they were added to your font collection.


The inspector appears in the right sidebar of FontAgent and displays the properties and metadata associated with currently-selected fonts and sets.


A font license contains the usage terms and rights granted to you by the owner of a font. You can include the terms of font licenses in FontAgent and you can track the number and identities of assigned users in FontAgent Server.

Player View

Plays a slide show of currently selected fonts one-at-a-time in the bottom pane of FontAgent clients. Displays each font in a text string, size and color specified by users.

Player Set

Collection of fonts created by FontAgent users as they mark their favorite fonts in a Player View slide show.


A text string appearing in the native glyph outlines of a selected font. You can preview fonts in your choice of text, colors and sizes. Sometimes called WYSIWYG view (what you see is what you get).


A one- to- five-star rating given to a font by users of FontAgent clients so they can find their favorite fonts easily.

sample text

A text string you specify that FontAgent uses to display font previews. You can also control font size and color.


Logical associations of fonts used to organize your fonts based on customer, project, font style, foundry, or anything else that helps your workflow.

server set

A set of fonts resident on FontAgent Server that admins can manage and distribute to end users.

shared font

A font that has been uploaded to FontAgent Server and made available to other FontAgent users. Select the Shared set in the left sidebar to view a list of all currently shared fonts.


The FontAgent application window includes a left sidebar that list sets and a right sidebar that shows an inspector that details the properties and metadata of the currently-selected font or set.

smart set

Dynamic collection of fonts that match one or more rules that you specify. Updates automatically as you add and delete fonts from your FontAgent client database.


A FontAgent facility that enables you to find fonts that match a simple text string or a complex, custom query of font metadata. You can save the criteria of a search request as a smart set.

startup set

A set that automatically activates all its fonts when FontAgent clients launch.

system set

One of a number of sets maintained automatically by FontAgent.

system fonts

Fonts used by an operating system that are therefore required to be available at all times.


The process that occurs when a FontAgent running on a user desktop connects to a cloud-based or on-premise FontAgent Server to upload and download fonts.


Simple keywords assigned to fonts and sets to associate them with topics, projects, clients or anything else you want.


Custom text in the Player View in FontAgent clients. Displays the same line of text in increasingly larger type sizes.