Font Control, Consistency and Compliance for Your Organization

FontAgent Server is the world’s only object-based font server and the most advanced solution for organizing, optimizing, distributing and tracking your fonts. No other technology does more to smooth creative workflow, bring consistent control, eliminate font corruption, and help you comply with your font licenses.

FontFlex Object-Based Power and Simplicity

FontAgent Server is built on FontFlex™ technology, which integrates the basic elements of font management: fonts, sets, users, groups, font licenses and directories. So you can just import fonts, define your users and get started. If you want, organize your fonts into sets, and arrange your users into role- or team-based groups. Then assign fonts and sets to users and groups. FontAgent Server does the rest.  Learn more

Import fonts and users and add other objects as needed.
Then assign objects to each other. FontAgent Server does the rest.

Server users enjoy the full font
management power of FontAgent

New in FontAgent Server 7

FontAgent Server 7 extends the state of font-server technology to include:

  • Advanced, object-based technology for simplicity, speed and scalability
  • Simple, browser-based font distribution and server administration
  • FontDNA™ fingerprinting, testing and duplicate checking for high font integrity
  • Real-time font usage and license tracking to ensure compliance
  • Optional expiration of font assignment and group membership for easy administration
  • Simple enterprise directory integration
  • Unrivaled performance, scale and reliability

Modern Client Interface

Give users everything they need to manage fonts in their creative workflow: crisp font previews, auto-activation, powerful searching, color and text controls, sample-sheet printing and the easiest, most powerful font selection tools in the industry.

Always Available, Always Efficient

FontAgent is built on the smartest, speediest technology in the font management world. Nothing comes close. Advanced I/O multi-threading minimizes network traffic, maximizes sync speed, and makes font updates fast and foolproof. Users are productive at all times, whether they are connected or not—even if your server is offline.

Centralized Font Control and Consistency

Create a centralized database of all your fonts. Use sets to organize them by team, department, project, customer—however you want. Control their distribution to your user community to maintain creative consistency and control.

Extensive Font Format Support

Make the most of your font investments with FontAgent’s extensive support for OpenType, TrueType, dfont and PostScript Type 1 fonts.

Support all font formats and optionally
lock user desktop font collections

Test, fingerprint and search your fonts using
Insider’s FontDNA integrity and metadata engine

Unrivaled Font Integrity with FontDNA

FontDNA, Insider’s industry-leading font-integrity engine fingerprints your fonts to eliminate corrupt and duplicate ones from your collection—and so users enjoy stability, top performance and documents that render precisely.

More Metadata, More Insight

Take advantage of more font metadata than ever before. View font names, formats, styles, metrics, filenames, locations, activation, ratings, comments—everything you need to know about your fonts. And search it all in seconds.

Simple, Point-and-Click Distribution

Distribute fonts with point-and click simplicity. Organize fonts into sets and assign the sets to users or groups. Make changes to sets and sync your server fonts with user desktops at any time.

Administrate from Anywhere

Manage FontAgent Server from desktop and mobile browsers using its all-new, streamlined server administrator. Manage sets, users, groups, licenses, and distribution permissions with incredible simplicity.

Automatic Font Expiration and Recall

Expire the assignment of fonts and sets to users, and the assignment of users to groups, to automatically recall fonts from users and contractors across your organization at the end of projects—a FontAgent exclusive.

Control font distribution and maintain
font consistency across your users

License Management and Compliance

Stay in compliance with your font licenses. Track purchase histories, receipts, license agreements and seat counts. Expire user rights to fonts manually or automatically. Alert admins when license terms are exceeded.

Real-Time Font Usage and Tracking

Know everything about your fonts and who’s using them. See which computers and users have which fonts and when they activate them. Monitor usage data to ensure license compliance and cross-charge cost centers.

Performance, Scale and Reliability

Bring font control and consistency to any size user community with the world’s fastest, most reliable and most cost-effective font server. Built on the strength, flexibility and stability of J2EE, FontAgent Server runs on Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

Authentication and Directory Integration

Integrate with Active, Open and LDAP directory services. Control who can upload and distribute fonts, create users and groups, manage licenses and view font-usage data. Authenticate with 128-bit encryption and Kerberos single-sign-on. Setting it all up has never been easier.

 Choose Cloud Simplicity or On-Premise Deployment

Ready to bring font consistency and control to your organization? Select a cloud-hosted server with cost-effective subscription licensing or an on-premise server with traditional software licensing. Or if you have a small workgroup, take a look at FontAgent Sync and TeamServer. Talk to us. We’ll help you make the right decision.

Want the power and simplicity of object-based font management?

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