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FontAgent 8.3 for Mac adds new font previews, lightning-fast search, freeform comments and tagging, improved metadata and integrity engines, and automatic cache clearing—and supports macOS Mojave, High Sierra, Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit), Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 and QuarkXpress 2018.

FontAgent makes all its new functionality available in its modern, streamlined interface that features WYSIWYG font previews, powerful set management and simple controls that let you activate, deactivate, find fonts, change colors, customize text and resize UI panes in seconds.

High Sierra, Sierra and El Capitan Ready

FontAgent 8.3 runs on Apple’s latest Macintosh operating system releases including macOS 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, and 10.11 El Capitan.

Sharper Previews Across the Board

The new FontAgent delivers faster, sharper previews in its waterfall, compare, plank, paragraph, glyph, and slide show player views. It also includes a new Tile View and an improved Table View.

Welcome to the Tile View

The all-new Tile View presents currently selected fonts in a grid of adjustable-size thumbnails. It’s great for viewing lots of fonts in a set or catalog, and especially helpful for quickly seeing all the styles in a font family. The Tile view also lets you set colors and selectively activate fonts with a click.

Whizzier, Faster Table View

Introduced in FontAgent 7, the Table View is a spreadsheet of your fonts that lets you easily explore, compare and sort fonts based on their metadata. Available columns include font traits, star ratings, foundries, file sizes, file formats and version numbers. The new Table View is faster and now sports WYSIWYG font previews and the ability to group fonts by family or foundry.

Lightning-Fast Search

V8 has improved search and metadata engines that let you enter a search term and instantly see fonts whose names, styles, foundries, designers, tags, comments, ratings and other properties match it. The new release also includes improved Smart Search that lets you build complex searches and save their results as Smart Sets that auto-update as you add fonts to your catalog.

Searchable Comments and Tags

FontAgent 8 indexes and searches freeform Comments and Tags that you apply to fonts and sets. Enter them to describe the projects, clients, colors, type settings or treatments for managing your creative workflow. Later, just use Quick Search or Smart Search to find the fonts you need for your projects and use them consistently.

Auto-Activation in Your Favorite Apps

Auto-activate fonts as you open documents in Adobe Creative Cloud and Suite apps including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and InCopy—as well as QuarkXPress, Microsoft Office and a world of other popular Mac apps. FontAgent 8 includes plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014-2019, Creative Suite and QuarkXPress 2012-2018.

Adobe Typekit and Subscription Fonts

The new FontAgent recognizes fonts activated by subscription services like Adobe Typekit. You can preview and add them to sets just like all your other fonts. With FontAgent’s open architecture, all your fonts are at your fingertips.

Automatic Cache Clearing

FontAgent 8 automatically clears font caches to ensure that font names appear correctly in application Font menus, and to protect you against display problems, garbled fonts, strange font substitutions, printing problems and application crashes.

Instantly Share and Sync Fonts

The Sync version of FontAgent is a simple, cost-effective way to standardize, share and sync fonts across teams and computers. It makes fonts available to others without the need to maintain a server, share disk drives, define libraries, create folders, or find an IT expert.  More About Sync

High-Integrity FontDNA Catalog

Insider’sFontDNA™ technology examines 28 characteristics of each of your fonts to fingerprint them, check their integrity and detect duplicates. It also keeps a full history of your imports and can archive your fonts to the Cloud for safekeeping.

Cost-Effective Licensing Choices

A perpetual license for FontAgent Standard Edition is priced at US $99 per user. Existing FontAgent 7 users can purchase V8.x upgrades or opt for a FontAgent Sync subscription for US $59 a year. The Sync subscription includes free software upgrades and support, and lets you archive and share your fonts with others through cloud services provided by Insider.