Expressway to Your Digital Assets

One of the most powerful ways to streamline your workflow with the Expo creative asset manager is to use its Express widget to view, filter and utilize assets without opening Expo’s main application window.

Using the Expo Express Widget

When you are running Expo, its Express widget appears in string of icons on the right side of the macOS menu bar at the top of your screen.

By default, the Express widget displays All Assets. Use the menu to view the contents of a Category, Folder or Smart Folder—just like the Left Sidebar in Expo works.

Use the slide control at the bottom of the Express Widget window to control the size of the thumbnails displayed in the Widget, and use the scroll bar on the right to scroll up and down through your assets.

Streamline Your Creative Workflow

For example, if you’re building a Keynote presentation using images from Expo,  just pull down the Expo Express Widget and search or select a container of assets. Then just drag and drop an asset from the Express menu into the current Keynote slide.

Works with All Your Apps

The Expo Express widget works with Apple, Adobe, Quark and Microsoft applications, and with the thousands of other Mac apps that support drag-and-drop. So you can use Expo to speed your everyday workflow without any configuration hassles or delay. Just install Expo and start creating.

Take The Expo Express Challenge

The Express Widget streamlines your workflow by giving you a simple powerful way to access Expo assets and insert them into your documents in seconds. Spend an hour using it and you’ll never hunt for assets or “place” them into documents again.

Streamline your creative workflow with Expo today