Expo™ takes a unique approach to digital asset management by supporting the full creative workflow from discovery to utilization of digital assets. Its embedded web browser is preconfigured with groups of websites where you can discover digital assets to add to your collection. One of those groups is a list of free font sites that you can explore and modify with your favorite font sites.

Using Expo Website Groups

To start searching for fonts, click the Fonts – Free website group in Expo’s left sidebar.

Expo then opens a tab in its embedded web browser for each of the sites in the Fonts – Free group.

From the browser window, you can download the fonts you want, drag them directly into Expo, activate the with a click, and you’re ready to go!

Discover and Manage Digital Assets of All Kinds in Expo

For a video tour of using Expo to discover images, video, fonts and other digital assets, click here.

To learn more about Expo, visit http://www.insidersoftware.com/expo