Expo™ is an innovative digital asset manager that redefines how web, creative and marketing professionals discover, manage and utilize assets in their projects. By supporting their entire workflow, Expo helps them develop better designs, websites, documents, presentations and materials.

Discover New Assets on the Internet

Expo’s unique, user-customizable, stock-site manager and built-in browser find free and commercial assets quickly on the Web. Users can visit several assets sites with a single click, select new assets, drop them into Expo—which then imports the assets and their contents, properties and tags into its catalog.

Manage and Organize All Creative Assets and Their Metadata

Using Expo, users can import a wide range of assets including documents, images, presentations, fonts, icons, songs, audio and video files. Expo auto-organizes them into customizable smart folders based on the assets’ attributes and metadata. Users can also drag assets into project, client, product, source, or other user-defined folders to organize them anyway they want—so the assets are easy to find and put to work.

Powerful Tagging that Works Everywhere

As Expo imports asset files, it auto-tags them to preserve their macOS folder associations as well as any tags already assigned by asset vendors and associates. Users can also add their own automatic, manual and batch tags at any time. Later, users can search those tags to find matching assets in seconds.

Get Instant Spotlight-Style Search Results

Expo includes a macOS Spotlight-style search that examines tags, file names, file types, sources, dates, licenses, image specs and more. Users instantly see assets matching their search criteria rather than waiting for pages of unhelpful search results.

Include Fonts as First-Class Citizens

Insider applies its skills as a long-time leader in font management to treat fonts as first-class citizens in Expo. With a simple click, Expo users can view all their fonts; see font previews in customizable text, size and color; and activate and deactivate selected fonts.

Put Assets Directly to Work in Creative Applications

Users can drag assets out of Expo directly into Mac folders and applications from Adobe, Quark, Apple, Microsoft and thousands of others. Or they can use the patent-pending ExpoExpress menu widget to quickly select the right assets even when Expo app window isn’t visible.

Track Asset Licenses to Avoid Violations

Expo tracks asset licenses so users know their rights and restrictions, and avoid usage fees and penalties. It comes preconfigured with standard license terms and allows users to enter new license text and cost information on a batch or individual-asset basis.

Use Ratings and Notes to Describe Assets in Detail

Expo allows users to add ratings and notes to assets to detail sources, projects, versions, alternates, color adjustments, usage instructions—whatever they need to remember. Since notes are often the most important part of asset metadata, Expo indexes and includes their contents when users search for assets.

Create better designs, presentations, websites
and materials faster with Expo