FontAgent Sync FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FontAgent Sync?
FontAgent Sync adds the power of the Cloud to FontAgent Mac and Windows so you can share and sync fonts across users and machines, and archive fonts in the Cloud.

How is FontAgent Sync licensed?
FontAgent Sync is sold on a cost-effective, annual-subscription basis. The subscription includes a license for all the power of FontAgent plus free software updates, early access to new features, and cloud storage of your fonts.

What is the difference between FontAgent Sync and CloudServer?
FontAgent Sync is a version of FontAgent designed for teams and individuals who want to share and sync fonts across users and computers through the Cloud—without having to manage a server. In contrast, CloudServer is a version of FontAgent Server that provides an cost-effective alternative to maintaining your own on-premise font server.

Is FontAgent Sync or CloudServer right for me?
If you want top-down control of who’s using your fonts—including user permissions, font usage reports and auditable font license controls—you want CloudServer. If you want to place control in the hands of users to share fonts among themselves, you should try FontAgent Sync.

How do I use FontAgent Sync to share and sync fonts with associates?
After you purchase your FontAgent Sync license, you just use FontAgent on your Mac or PC to sync and download fonts from your workgroup’s private, cloud-based font database.

How fast a network connection do I need to use FontAgent Sync?
You should have a high-speed WiFi, LAN, cable, DSL, fiber or wired connection to the Internet.

Can I purchase new fonts through FontAgent Sync?
FontAgent Sync manages your workgroup’s existing font library, but is not a font vending service. You can purchase fonts from your choice of font vendors and use FontAgent to share them with others in your workgroup.

Can I try FontAgent Sync before I sign up?
Yes. Use these links to download a free 30-day Macintosh or Windows trial.

How much does FontAgent Sync cost to use?
The cost of using the FontAgent Sync depends on the number of users you have. Contact Insider for details.

If I already use FontAgent, TeamServer or Enterprise Server, can I switch to FontAgent Sync?
Yes. Just sign up for the FontAgent Sync service, upload your fonts and start syncing them with others in your workgroup.

If I am an individual user, how does FontAgent Sync help me?
As an individual users, you can use FontAgent Sync to sync fonts across multiple Macs and PCs. You can also use it to sync fonts with other users in temporary or permanent workgroups.

How do I gain access to fonts that other users in my workgroup have shared?
FontAgent Sync automatically shows you fonts and sets that other in your workgroup have shared with you. The new fonts and sets appear in the left sidebar of your FontAgent session as soon as they are shared by others.

Who is in charge of my FontAgent Sync workgroup?
Whoever you want. Everyone in the workgroup has the ability to share and delete fonts from the shared workspace, just like a folder on a file server works. If you want a small number of admins to maintain control of your FontAgent Sync shared workspace, take a look at FontAgent CloudServer. It has all the power of FontAgent Sync plus centralized, top-down control.

How does FontAgent Sync software differ from regular FontAgent software?
FontAgent Sync client software has all the same industry–leading power of FontAgent Standard Edition.

Can FontAgent Sync users still get work done when they don’t have a connection to the Internet?
Absolutely. Users can continue working with their downloaded fonts at all times, even when they are working remotely or have no network connection.

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