Moving to Expo and already have your assets organized in Mac folders? Good news… you can tell Expo to tag them with the folder names as it imports them. Here’s an example of how Expo adds value to your existing folder organization as it imports your assets.

David’s Asset Collection

David keeps has a large collection of images that has stored in a large folder with a hierarchy of nested subfolders.

While we can applaud David for his organization effort, he still must navigate through all those levels to get to his images of Sioux Falls. And that assumes that he remembers how he organized his images months ago.

As you can see on the right, the path to David’s images is Pictures/Travel Images/USA Pix/Sioux Falls. What David really needs is direct access to his Sioux Falls images without a lot of clicking and guesswork.

Expo to the Rescue!

David drags his complex folder called David’s Pictures into Expo.

The Import Assets dialog box appears and here’s where the magic starts…

  • Expo tells him there are 116 files in the various subfolders of David’s Pictures.
  • The dialog asks him for a Folder name and David enters Vacation Images.
  • David tells Expo to auto-tag all the new assets with Folder & subfolder names and clicks Save.

Expo Performs Its Magic

Expo then copies hundreds of megabytes into its database. At the same time, it reads and records their metadata, generates high-res previews and tags them with the names of the Mac folders that contain them.

The Results: Fast, Easy Access to All the Assets

You can see Expo’s import magic in the Asset Inspectors in its Right Sidebar. In the image below, notice all the tags that Expo assigned to David’s selected image.

David can now simply enter Sioux Falls into the Search field at the bottom of the Expo window to find his Sioux Falls images. And because of the way that Expo tagged the Sioux Falls images, they will also appear if David searches for David’s Pictures, Travel Images, USA Pix or Vacation Images.

Cool, huh? By asking Expo to auto-tag images as it imports them, David preserved the benefits of his original folder organization. More importantly, David no longer has to remember how his images are stored, just what he wants to see. What a timesaver.

In addition, David’s Sioux Falls search results appear instantly, and when he selects an image, it appears instantly along with all its associated tags, metadata, notes and license information.

Expo enhances the benefits and eliminates
the hassles of using asset folder hierarchies.