FontAgent for Mac’s XTension plugin for QuarkXPress activates fonts automatically as you open documents in the professional graphic design and page layout application. FontAgent provides auto-activation plugins for QuarkXpress 2018 through 2020.

Auto-Activate Fonts in QuarkXPress

FontAgent for Mac includes XTension plugins for QuarkXPress 2018 through 2020 that automatically activate fonts in Quark documents as you open them in the popular graphic design and page layout application.

FontAgent Speeds Your Quark Workflow

As you open documents in QuarkXPress, the new FontAgent Xtension automatically:

  • Identifies fonts that closely match fonts in your document
  • Determines which your fonts closely match the required fonts
  • Previews and activates the fonts you want

Image Management

You can keep working in QuarkXPress to fine-tune your images—rather than jumping in and out of image-editing apps. New image-handling features include non-destructive image adjustments and filters, a format painter that quickly copies attributes from another item, transparency for blending multiple images into one, new shape tools, and multi-color gradient enhancements.

Typography and Text

Quark has long offered powerful typographic tools and supports recent-font lists, text outlining and shading, column spanning and splitting, non-breaking text attributes, merged text boxes, lines between columns, proportional leading, smart-quote preferences, and a number of other features.

Digital Publishing

QuarkXPress produces HTML5 publications for pixel-perfect display in desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile browsers. Add interactive features including scrollable areas, slide shows and animations. And you can also create interactive experiences that you can distribute as Apple iOS applications.

Customer-Requested Features

Quark has also recently added the ability to convert externally developed content into native QuarkXPress objects, layout auto-adjustment as you convert between page sizes, new UI color themes, adjustable UI palettes, anchored cross-references, cache clearing and other improvements.

QuarkXPress is used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide for the design ad layout of print and digital projects. FontAgent’s seamless integration with QuarkXPress give those users the power to catalog, verify, preview, manage and activate fonts in their creative workflow.