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Comparison of Mac OS X Font Servers

This chart compares the features of Mac OS X font servers. Great care has been taken to compare the capabilities of the products. If you have questions or suggestions that can improve the comparison, please send us your thoughts. Thank you.

Pro Server 3
Font Explorer
X Server
Establish and Maintain Font Integrity      
Built-in, automatic font integrity checking Auto-validates fonts without external utilities - prevents crashes and hangs    
Remove corrupt and incomplete fontsEliminates confusing, unusable font files that can cause crashes      
  Prevent addition of corrupt fonts to librariesHeads off potential crashes and lockups    
  Prevent addition of duplicate fonts to libraries Eliminates accidental font duplication in libraries  
  Prevent different versions of fonts in libraries Stops font conflicts and incorrect document imaging      
  Prevent distribution of corrupt fonts Blocks distributing bad fonts that cause crashes and lockups      
  Prevent distribution of duplicate fonts Blocks distributing duplicate fonts that cause activation and imaging problems    
Font Server Libraries and Sets      
Manage multiple server libraries simultaneouslyEnables fast and easy library management      
Distribute server-based setsCreates logical groups of fonts for easier font activation and management    
Merge libraries and sets via drag-and-dropAllows server admins to manipulate fonts quickly and easily    
Create server-based startup setsActivates specific sets of fonts at startup      
Pro Server 3
Font Explorer
X Server
Font Server and Client Administration        
Simple server setup and configurationSimple server installation - no multiple components to setup     ?
Extensive diagnostics and reportingProvides detailed status of server installation, font testing and font uploading      
Administer all server settings from one locationUnified interface for administering all server functions    
Granular levels of admin permissions Allows server admins to grant various users specific privileges  
Built-in scripting on clients for automating tasksAutomate tasks quickly and dependably with AppleScript      
Client installation assistant auto-installs plug-ins Automatically detects existing apps and installs correct plug-ins  
  Supports remote client installationAllows admins to remotely install configured clients    
Font License Management        
Tracks number of licenses purchasedStores number of licenses purchased for each font  
Tracks invoice and vendor data for font purchasesStores date, price, invoice and vendor data for future purchases   ?
Supports additional notes and comments Stores notes regarding project, user and other related info for each font   ?
Controls distribution of fonts beyond licensed limitsSends alerts or blocks distribution of fonts to more users than authorized    
Pro Server 3
Font Explorer
X Server
Platform Support        
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Server runs on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)  
Mac OS X 10.4 TigerServer runs on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)   ?
Does not require dedicated server hardwareServer can run on hardware being also used for other purposes  
Supports Mac OS X clients Distributes fonts to Mac users running OS X    
Supports Windows XP clientsDistributes fonts to Windows users running XP    
Supports Windows Vista clientsDistributes fonts to Windows users running Vista    
Server Architecture, Performance and Scalability        
Replication server for enterprise scalabilitySyncs redundant servers across enterprise to guarantee scalability      
Ensures that users can work when not connectedFonts are available even when users are not connected to server      
Multi-threaded, high-performance architectureMulti-threading maximizes sync speed and throughput      
Advanced caching of downloaded fonts Speeds delivery and downloading of fonts to users      
Technology proven through multiple releasesProduct is proven through multiple versions and years      
Synchronization speed with connected clientsServer architectures deliver dramatically different sync speeds  
5 to 10x faster
5 to 10x slower
Directory Server and Login Security        
Support for Active/Open/LDAP Directory Connects to Active/Open Directory servers and LDAP servers for user and group information    
Import users from LDAP server  
Authenticate users on Active/Open/LDAP directories    
Zero-configuration directory services setup Simple, configuration of font server directory services      
Supports remote login to AD/OD servers Passes login info to enterprise directory servers    
AES 128-bit industry-standard login security Protects authentication information transmitted to directory servers      
Advanced local and remote password protection Stores no passwords for AD/OD users and encrypts password for local users      
Pro Server 3
Font Explorer
X Server
Activation of Inactive Fonts        
Font metrics manager finds 100% font matchesCompare metrics of requested fonts to provide 100% matching    
Relevancy ranking for finding similar fontsShow likelihood of matching fonts when unable to find 100% match      
Auto-activate fonts in Adobe InDesignConnected clients can auto-activate fonts in InDesign  
Auto-activate fonts in Adobe IllustratorConnected clients can auto-activate fonts in Illustrator  
Auto-activate fonts in Adobe PhotoshopConnected clients can auto-activate fonts in Photoshop    
Auto-activate fonts in QuarkXPress Connected clients can auto-activate fonts in QuarkXPress  
Auto-activate fonts in specific OS X appsAuto-activate fonts in applications that use Mac OS X standards  
Auto-activate fonts in specific OS 9 Classic appsAuto-activate fonts in Mac OS 9 applications running in Classic mode      
Will not activate font solely on font namePrevents accidental activation of wrong version or format of font      
Prevent activation of corrupt fontsStop activation of corrupt fonts that cause crashes and imaging problems      
Control font activation at startupSet preference for activating fonts at startup   ?
Enable/disable auto-activation Allow user to turn auto-activation on and off  
Control activation order by font file format Control auto-activation by file format (e.g. OpenType, then Type1, etc.)      
Prevents instability caused by auto-deactivationAvoids auto-deactivation that can adversely affect running applications     ?
Pro Server 3
Font Explorer
X Server
Viewing Fonts on Connected Clients        
Character set (ABC123)Displays alphabet and numbers in selected font  
Waterfall of various sizesDisplays a text string in various text sizes in selected font    
Lorem ipsum paragraphDisplays a paragraph of latin text in selected font  
Custom text Displays text entered by user in selected font    
Player or slideshowDisplays a text string through various fonts, one at a time      
Multi-font compareDisplays a text string in various fonts  
View all fonts in one list Lists all fonts in all libraries in a single pane    
Font metrics and propertiesDisplays metadata and location information for the selected font      
Print specimen books Print font catalogs to preview and share      
Searching Fonts on Connected Clients        
View and search all fonts on clientLists and searches all fonts with no need to search individual libraries    
Search by font name and family name Finds font names containing specific string (e.g. "Times" or "Helvetica")  
Search by font file format Finds fonts with a specific file format (e.g. OpenType or TrueType)    
Search by font slant Finds fonts with specific properties (e.g. slant from .05 and .12, or width )      
Search by font proportionFinds fonts of a specific weight (e.g. narrow, condensed, extended, etc.)      
Search by font weightFinds fonts of a specific weight (e.g. thin, regular, bold, black, etc.)      
Search Internet fonts by keyword or concept Find fonts on the Internet by topic without importing them      
View Internet fonts in WYSIWYG mode View fonts on the Internet in their native typefaces    
Access to online font store Shop for and purchase fonts from the Internet    
Prevent unauthorized font purchases Prevent enterprise users from making Internet font purchases    
Pro Server 3
Font Explorer
X Server
Documentation and Support        
User guideComprehensive guide for administrating the font server  
Online help facility Built-in online help    
Technical support - phoneTechnical support available by phone  
Technical support - emailTechnical support available by email  
24x7 support available 24x7 support plans available for enterprise users