Frequently Asked Questions

What is FontAgent Pro CloudServer?

The CloudServer is a cloud-based version of FontAgent Pro Server that you can connect to over the Internet to manage and distribute fonts in your organization’s font library. It is the world’s first and only cloud-based font server.

How does the CloudServer differ from other font servers?

Traditional font servers are installed on a server computer users can access via your enterprise network. FontAgent Pro CloudServer is an Internet-based service to which you subscribe, thereby saving the expense and hassle of managing and administering server hardware.

How do users access FontAgent Pro CloudServer?

Users run FontAgent Pro for Macintosh or Windows on their desktops and it automatically connects to the CloudServer to manage and gain access to fonts.

How fast a network connection do users need to use CloudServer?

Users should have a high-speed, broadband connection such as a cable, DSL, T1, fiber, WiFi or a local network connection.

Can I purchase new fonts from the CloudServer?

FontAgent Pro CloudServer manages your organization’s existing font library. It dispenses fonts to your users and tracks their usage. You can purchase fonts from your choice of font vendors and upload them to the CloudServer.

Can I try the CloudServer before I sign up?

You sure can. Simply click here or use the button on this website’s home page to request a 30-day free trial.

How much does FontAgent Pro CloudServer cost to use?

The cost of using the CloudServer depends on the number of users you have. Contact Insider for details.

How many fonts can my organization manage on the CloudServer?

There is no limit to the number of fonts that the CloudServer can manage, but best practices call for organizing your fonts into multiple sets to keep their size and manageability and usage efficient.

Can users see the fonts available to them on the CloudServer?

Insider’s WEBSIWYG browser-based viewer enables users to see and request fonts available on the CloudServer. Once the fonts are downloaded to users’ machines, the fonts appear inside their FontAgent Pro client software.

How do I administer the CloudServer?

There is no need to administer the server hardware. To manage users, groups and fonts--and for controlling which users have access to which fonts—you can use any connected Mac client.

How can I use the CloudServer to track font usage and license compliance?

The CloudServer lets you enter the details of your font licenses and tracks when users download and activate fonts. You can run reports that show which users are using which fonts and receive alerts when your organization falls out of compliance.

If I already use FontAgent Pro, TeamServer or Enterprise Server, can I switch to CloudServer?

Yes. To do so, you sign up for the CloudServer service, upload your fonts and start distributing them to users.

How does CloudServer client software differ from regular FontAgent Pro software?

The FontAgent Pro client software that accesses the CloudServer has all the same industry–leading power of FontAgent Pro for Mac and Windows.

Can CloudServer users still get work done when they don’t have a connection to the server?

Absolutely. Users can continue working with their fonts at all times, even when they are working remotely or without a network connection.

Can users of CloudServer use client software localized into languages other than English?

Yes, the client software can automatically detect which language to display as it installs.

Are the fonts I store in my CloudServer backed up regularly?

Yes, your font database is backed up regularly as part of the FontAgent Pro CloudServer service.