Welcome to FontAgent Pro CloudServer

FontAgent Pro CloudServer, the first and only cloud-based enterprise font server, delivers unrivaled font integrity, consistency and reliability to your creative professionals and projects. At the same time, it brings savings, simplicity and security to technology departments and the users they serve.

No Server Hardware and Low, Predictable Costs

Replace large, up-front hardware and software costs with a predictable monthly subscription fees. Add user capacity and fonts as you require.

Easy Setup and Administration

Just open a CloudServer account, upload your fonts, and enter the users who can access them. FontAgent Pro CloudServer does the rest.

Centralized Fonts with High Integrity

Build a centralized library of high-integrity fonts. Relax in the knowledge that FontAgent Pro has eliminated corrupt, incomplete, duplicate and rogue fonts that cripple creative workflow and bring design systems to their knees.

Creative Consistency

Ensure that all creatives use the same version of each and every font. Now, projects look the same on everyone’s machine and image faithfully and consistently. No more frustrating confusion and expensive errors, just fast, faithful results.

Automatic Updates

Enjoy automatic client and server software updates. Get the latest features as they become available and save the hassle and expense of reinstalling software on everyone’s computers as new versions are released.

License Compliance and Control

Just enter the license information for your fonts and CloudServer tracks their usage. Control who gets to use which fonts, or allow users to request fonts when needed, and receive reports and alerts if you exceed license limits.