Smash Old Suitcases to Liberate Your Fonts

Four steps to font freedom

If you're like most Macintosh users, you have lots of Type 1 bitmap and TrueType fonts trapped in suitcases all over your hard drive. Smasher™ gives you back the suitcase management power you had in OS 9 without any hassles. To regain control of your fonts with Smasher, follow these steps:

  1. Drag folders, suitcases and fonts into the left pane.
  2. Click the triangles next to the suitcases to view font contents.
  3. Select a family, style, or an entire suitcase.
  4. Click the Smash button or drag styles to your desktop to create family or style suitcases.

That's it. The satisfying smashing sound you hear says you've successfully created new fonts from your old suitcases. And the satisfied look on your face says you just realized how good it is to have all your fonts available in Mac OS X.

Save system resources and simplify font menus

By using your favorite font manager such as Insider FontAgent Pro to activate and deactivate your new Smasher-created fonts and styles, you can simplify font menus and save system resources by opening just the font styles you need rather than entire suitcases.